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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fifth Wheel Bound

When we first started thinking about the full-timing life, and began thinking about a possible type we would want, we centered our search on the Class A type. I'm not sure why now. Maybe we thought they were the ones that would provide us with the most living space. I also liked the big "bus style" windows in the front and the wide open view of the road they provided. So for the first year, or thereabouts, we spent all our time at the RV shows checking out all the Class A's. But our vision has evolved and changed as we have learned more, and listened to those people who are already out living the life. And now we have decided that we will be buying a fifth wheel. These are our top reasons. First of all, we discovered that there is a lot of living space in a fifth wheel. I think it was a preconceived notion on my part, because from the outside they just don't look that spacious. But when I started reading other blogs, where someone would say that they chose a fifth wheel because its living space can't be matched, I decided we should check out one in person before we dismissed it out of hand. And when we started going inside different fifth wheels, we realized, wow, there really is a lot of living room in one of these. The second major reason was the reality that if the vehicle breaks down, there is a huge advantage to NOT having your vehicle and your home being one and the same. We didn't like the thought of having to put a motorhome in the shop and having to stay in a motel or hotel if we had to have major work of some sort done (even though of course we would have hoped for better luck!)

So for those two main reasons, we are now centering our search on fifth wheels, and not just any - we actually have already decided on a manufacturer. But more on that later!! :)

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