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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Relaxing Evening

Welcome to Laurie, my first follower!! :) Thanks for your note on the RV dreams website as well!

Well, today definitely did not end up being half work. After breakfast, we began painting in the upstairs bedroom. It went more quickly than we had expected. By 10:30, we had all of our priming done. Then we cleaned up, and started getting ready to head over for the picnic. In the meantime, I had a little time, so I went to work on the computer typing up our list. The complete list ended up being about three pages long! It isn't three pages to go though - because I also added things that we have already accomplished. That way we will have some things to cross off when we print the list off. Some of the items on here include painting the rooms that we haven't finished yet, cleaning out the closets, cleaning out the garage, adding shelves in the garage, cleaning off the work bench and adding shelves over the work bench for organizing. Most of the tasks on our list only involve our own time and effort. About the only thing on the list that actually involves any kind of substancial financing is a redo of the cabinets and countertops in our kitchen. So that's the list, and hopefully having it all on paper will help us be more organized, but also give us a sense of accomplishment as we get things done.

Tomorrow is our bike ride, which I am looking forward to. We didn't bike at all last year. I guess we were busy - I'm not sure now, I can't remember! :)  Also last summer was cooler and rainier - that I do remember. With such short summer seasons, we have to make the most of every chance we get to go out. That is one thing that we are looking forward to so much about the rving lifestyle - having the opportunity to be out in nature year round! But for now, we will have to make the most of our short NY summers!! :)

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