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Friday, May 28, 2010

Heading toward the end of a busy week

It's been a really busy week, and I'm not exactly sure why. We had Monday off as we were traveling, so we've really only worked 3 days so far. But I haven't even had time to read all the blogs I follow, much less write on this one!!

I left off writing about the type of RV we're looking at....well, after traveling to many RV shows and checking out lots of websites...we have decided to purchase our fifth wheel from Nuwa (pronounced New Way). This seems to be a great company, with a leader who actually cares about his product and the people who use it. There are many reasons why we've made this decision. What drew us to it in the first place was the craftsmanship of the RV. Their site has a lot of video tours so you can actually see the features of the coach. Then my husband watched all of the videos they post about how they construct the RV; they talk about the materials they use and why they believe this results in a better product. That was the beginning of being attracted to getting a Nuwa Hitchhiker. After that I joined the Nuwa owners forum - they encourage people to join even if they're only a wannabe owner!! This is where I've seen how committed Nuwa is - as their CEO actually responds on the forum quite frequently to questions, or asks the members their opinion on changes they may be making in the product. We are firmly in the Nuwa camp now. The only question is which one we will end up buying - which floorplan, etc. Our plan at this time is to take a trip to Kansas, probably in 2012, where the Nuwa factory is located. They have all of the models available there, and also provide tours of their factory. So we will probably make that trip before we make any solid choice, although I do have one I am leaning toward based on the information I know now. As far as purchasing, we will have (if all goes well) reached our goal for savings sometime in 2014 - so right now that is our target date for buying.

I haven't really figured out adding links yet, but I will work on that this weekend, and add some links for the sites I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. I guess I should get going since today is another work day - it will be very strange when we make the jump and every day is a weekend!! Hmmmm...I think I will get used to it! :)

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