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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Half Fun day/Half Work

Well, maybe not half work. It's 7 am and we've already been up for almost an hour. Even though it's Sunday, and I rejoiced last night that "we don't have to get up early!!," the reality is that we almost always do. First of all, it's pretty hard to sleep past 5:30, 6 because around that time Ariel, our littler and more personable kitty, will decide it's time to come up on the bed for her morning head scratching, and to remind us that it's almost her breakfast time. That cat must have a clock in her head, because she always comes in at almost exactly the same time. Sometimes we can give her a few pets and go back to sleep, but today, as soon as I was halfway awake, the items from the list that we want to work on this morning started running through my head. We only have this morning to work on the painting because we're going to a picnic this afternoon at a friend's house. So.....here we are up!!

Harry is cooking me breakfast right now and then we will head upstairs for a rousing couple of hours of painting before it's time to shower and head out. I did take some pictures yesterday to show some of the "before" stages in the house. But I wish I had taken some a while back to show the true changes - we have already made quite a few so I guess it's more the middle stage than the beginning.

Well, enjoy your Sunday everyone! It's going to be a beautiful one here...and hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures from our first bike ride of the season to share.

Happy Memorial Day, in case I don't post tomorrow!! A big thank you to all of our servicemen and women out there!!

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