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Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to…You Know What!

Yeah, back to work and reality and all that good stuff.

Harry and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Lake George. We really were so lucky with the weather we had. We only had a couple showers later in the day once or twice, but there was plenty of time for walks and bike rides. It was a wonderfully relaxing time.

016A few impressions…we did not find the space inside confining at all. Taking out the two recliners that came with the rv and replacing it with a more comfortable one was a great move. We brought the cat tree into the living area from the house, and it fit great! I also think it made a huge difference for the cats, having their own space.



Of course Ariel managed to find a couple spaces to take over that I didn’t quite plan on leaving for her!

The cats adapted so much more easily than we expected.  They loved hanging out, watching all the squirrels and chipmunks running around. There was no crying, even on the first day – we were both so surprised.

As I mentioned a couple days ago, we loved our new Weber Q BBQ. Harry was outside cooking our dinner almost every day.

We also enjoyed sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air and reading.


Another impresson - we did not miss the house at all. I think maybe the one thing that we will miss is our nice shower with lots of water pressure. However, it’s definitely a trade off that we are willing to make.

Another BIG thing that we will love is having flexibility with our traveling schedule. On Thursday morning, we once again had the “fun” of packing up and heading out in the rain. Both of us remarked on how nice it will be to be able to adapt our timing according to the weather report. Since we both had to be back to work this morning, that wasn’t an option yesterday.

We did have something to look forward to today – the arrival of the truck box that Harry ordered a couple weeks ago.


We are so pleased. It fits perfectly and gives us so much additional storage space.

And now we are done for the time being – no more purchases until next spring! Unfortunately, no more trips either – our fiver has been moved back into her spot in the driveway. Barring any unforeseen development, she should be staying put now until probably next May. <sigh>

Today I made a new master list of stuff we need to get done this year and next – I believe it’s the final and complete draft of our list. But this blog entry is long enough for one day, so I shall leave that for next time.

Have a great evening everyone! 


  1. Boy do I wish we had a list like that! Craig doesn't like talking about more than one project at a time, and each of his seem to never actually get finished.

  2. glad to hear you are back to work with the rest of us!..enough of your fun times in your lovely fiver!!..just kidding of course!..so happy for the two of you and the kitties..sounds like everyone has adjusted quite easily!!!

  3. Back to work again ~ like Sue... LOL You guys are all working for a great goal... It'll come soon enough trust me! In the meantime ~
    Have fun

  4. Sounds like a really wonderful outing!! It also sounds like you all are "at home" in your 5er. Wonderful!!
    Being retired means you can leave whenever you want....it is terrific!!