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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Enjoying the Day

Today has been a great day to have off. I find the weather forecast so amusing sometimes. 003Last night, the weather guy forecast rain for the next five days, but at the same time, said it was a “complex” weather pattern and he would tell us more the next day. So tonight he will explain to us how all those complexities came together to actually bring us a beautiful day.

The tree in our front yard is turning colors very quickly, and has already lost a number of its leaves. Fall is definitely here. I am remaining hopeful for a long fall season, and an easy winter, after last year’s heavy snows.


I never get tired of seeing our fiver hanging out in the driveway. Even though we won’t be going on any more road trips with her until next year, it still gives me a thrill to look out our front window and know that we are getting ever closer to our traveling days. It definitely helps keep me motivated for gettin’ stuff done around here.

I am hoping that we stay on the “good side” of this complex weather pattern for the weekend, since Harry wants to finish up the mouse proofing. 004 He is determined to keep the little critters from making their way inside. (He’s reminding me a little bit of Bill Murray’s character in Caddyshack. Be right back) We read about a mouse repelling product on the Escapees forum, and so we decided to try it. If the weather cooperates, Harry is going to start applying it this weekend. Between that, and the foam in all the cracks and crevices and the covering with some kind of mesh of all the cracks that can’t be sealed by foam, and the peppermint what’chamacallit on the cotton balls that will be put inside, we should have multiple forms of defense to keep all these mice and chipmunks OUT of our fiver for the winter months. Hopefully. Smile

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  1. We saw that stuff at the RV show. Now that we are going to park the rig on our property, we are definitely going to need it. George said he'll order it online. Anxious to hear how it works.