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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Work and Celebrating

010In that order! I opened and closed today, which made for a longer Saturday work day than usual. I was glad to get home, and after a short rest, we were off again to Clifton Park. A friend of ours was having a birthday celebration for one of those “significant” years.


Rose was taking all the “over the hill” decorations in stride.

Do I look a little warm? There were a lot of people in this house. All that body heat warmed the place up!





Tomorrow it will be back to work at the house for me. I am still working on sorting stuff out, what else is new? Harry is still doing the mouse proofing. He worked on it for several hours this morning while I was at work, and it looks awesome! I will take some pictures tomorrow. Today Harry did take a couple pictures of the cribbing that he made to go under the landing gear.

001The platform seems so much more stable now. The pieces are heavy though. The wood is very solid. I am going to build up some better muscles carrying them around! Winking smile Now we only need some built to go under our stabilizers.


That will probably be on the list for next year! We have enough on this year’s already!! In love


  1. Good idea! Did Harry make those himself? George is trying to figure out what to use on the property for our landing gear.

  2. The wood blocks for the landing gear looks very nice. I especially like the pull...makes it so much easier!

  3. Great looking job on the blocks for the landing gear. Thanks for the reminder as we need new ones - I'd better get busy!