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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

001Well, we hope, anyway! Harry spent the day working on the mouse (and chipmunk) proofing of the trailer. We lucked out and our rainy day turned into a beautiful (and dry) fall day instead. Harry was excited to have such a nice day, 002and was out early measuring an area that needed to be covered with an aluminum screening that we purchased at Lowe’s. Then he cut a piece to fit, with a hole in the center which allowed the hydraulic cylinder to pass through.


He adhered the screening to the side of the trailer by using silicone caulking as a glue. I don’t see any rodents making their way through there now!

And then it was time for the big job!



First he gathered all the needed tools.









The mouse proofing substance is applied by using a spray gun included with the purchase and powered by an air compressor. It went on pretty easily (according to Harry).







And the other line of defense put into place has been to fill, seal and cover every hole and crevice that he could find.









Harry used gutter screening (called gutter guards) which we found at Home Depot’s, which he attached into place with staples and screws. They were flat originally, and Harry bent them into right angles to fit.

It has been a big project, and Harry did such an awesome job!

My day was very uninteresting in comparison – so much so that I can compress it into this one paragraph. Winking smile I worked on sorting out more JUNK in the office, threw some stuff away, added papers to our shred box, worked on our budget, and baked a chocolate pie for dessert tonight.

Monday again tomorrow. Thinking smile BUT, we only have a week and a half before we are on vacation!!! We’ll be heading to Williamsburg, VA for a week. So I guess starting another work week is tolerable. LOL

Season premiere of Amazing Race tonight!!


  1. Good job, Harry!! Love the hat :)
    George is anxious to hear how the mouse-proof stuff keeps out the meeses. Parking the RV on our property is going to be inviting to them lil critters.

  2. Love Williamsburg!! Hope you guys have a grand time there!
    Wow! Harry, you are awesome!! I think you have beat the little beast!!

  3. good job on your 'mouse prevention'..do you hire out??

  4. We've been living in this rig since March 2009. Where we lived for a year while still working, it was out in the woods. Never a critter entered. In all the campgrounds since - never a critter.

    Then two weeks ago I went to get some potatoes from the basket under the kitchen counter. Half ate potatoes and "traces" of mice.

    Oh no! I cleaned up the mess and threw out the potatoes. No sightings since.

    I think they came in at the camp where we were working in RI. Hopefully they chose to stay in RI.

    Sure looks like you have a plan to keep those nasty pests out.

  5. I promise you, no matter how much 'junk' you throw away or otherwise dispose of...you'll still have way too much by the time you're ready to shove off from the stix. I thought we'd done a pretty good job of paring down, but we still had three HUGE dump runs after the yard sale. Good luck...you're doing so good! Can't wait until you're free from the winter, too!