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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Days are Waning

Yesterday Harry and I went over to Walmart for a little grocery shopping. On the way, I saw real honest to goodness fall foliage. Not just a few stray leaves – whole trees getting that burnt orange look. I didn’t have my camera with me, so no pictures. School will be starting next week, so soon we will be having the buses making their early morning runs through the neighborhood. Yes, summer is really just about over for another year.

We have now sold everything that we had listed over the past few weeks – the two recliners, the dishwasher, and my car. The buyers came and picked up the car this past Tuesday, and the driveway looks so much emptier with it gone. Our bank account is a little more full though, so that is some consolation, and we have paid off Harry’s car loan! YAY! One more debt out of the way.

It’s been another full week. I had a wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday, yep there goes a little more of my smarts out the door. Winking smile One more dental procedure to go, and then hopefully that will be it for a while. I also worked again for part of the day yesterday, getting a little bit more of that overtime. I have at least one more six day work week coming up next week, and then we are going to have a few days off. We are both looking forward to that! We will actually be taking our first official trip with the fiver to Lake George. Hard to imagine that it has been two and a half months since we got back from TN. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long – the summer has gone by so quickly.

We are preparing for company this weekend. Harry will be going tomorrow to pick up our little guy. We have a fun, and busy, few days coming up.

PS I realized after I posted this that next week we have a holiday! Hurrah – only a five day work week after all! Glad that we get to celebrate labor by NOT working. Smile


  1. Looks like everything is shaping up for you guys... That is GREAT!
    Have fun

  2. great that all the plans are coming together and you managed to sell all your 'stuff'!!!

  3. Great job getting th
    ings sold. It is so great to get loans paid, always feels good. Have a fun weekend. :)

  4. Terrific! Feels good to bank some money, pay off loans, and relax. Have fun with Shaun. We're looking forward to a nice 3 day also!

  5. Enjoyed reading your post this morning. Neil & I met you at the TN RV Dreams Rally. We also have done very little camping this summer which is not heard of until now! Also working on downsizing and getting ready to sell the house. Although, we are hoping to list & sell this year yet- so it is full steam ahead for us. So many days of "sort of planning", but not really because we don't seem to know how everything will unfold. Had five garage sale days, recycled metal and made just over $1,000.00 - which Neil used to purchase a new camera for our travels. Would love to keep in touch - nsavage@verizon.net Take care. Nancy

  6. Yea! You guys are moving right along there. A few days at Lake George and the fiver sound like just the ticket!