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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Long Weekend

Harry and I are enjoying the holiday weekend. We are staying put at home, but we are busy with our 2 year old company.


Schaun is talking a lot more than he was the last time he stayed at our house. The only difficulty is that we don’t always understand what he’s saying. So we end up responding with a lot of “uh huh”s and “really?”s. We have had a good laugh at what we could be saying “uh huh” and “really” to. One word he is saying very clearly is “grammy”. I never get tired of hearing that. It’s so great to hear grammy and papa all the time now.


Schaun and Papa never seem to get tired of playing with matchbox cars.





We went for a ride in the truck yesterday. I wish I had brought my camera to take a picture of Schaun’s expression. I think it’s probably the best view he’s had riding in a vehicle, just kept saying, wow. haha He is Harry’s grandson, for sure.

We have one more day with Schaun and then he will be heading home, and it will be time to get ready for a few days away with the fiver! I sure am looking forward to packing our bedroom and kitchen for the trip.


  1. out of the mouths of babes!..have a great evening!..and happy packing next week!!

  2. What a cutie pie! Enjoy your time with Schaun.

  3. Nothing better then spending time with the Grands... Glad you all had fun!!!