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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Could It Be?

IMG_1639All the signs seem to be pointing to it, but could it be true? Are we really going to have an early spring? The next ten days look pretty spring-like – lots of high 40s and 50s in sight!

It was actually warm enough outside today that I opened the windows to get some fresh air. Yes, an open window is a cat magnet.


The snow we got last week is almost gone…and also here is one last look at our almost empty driveway. We had a call from the dealership and everything is done! We will be going to pick up the fiver on Saturday afternoon. We are SO looking forward to having a full driveway once again.


This bush took a beating last year, but it has some new growth and buds. It seems like an easier winter has been good for it.

The picture below has nothing to do with anything, but it cracks me up. Someone had a hard day.





There hasn’t been an awful lot going on around here otherwise. I have used the refinish stuff on two more closet doors, the upstairs bathroom door, and the stairs. I sorted out some more clothes that I don’t wear and know I won’t be wearing, to take to the clothes drop-off. My closet is starting to look a little empty.

We have just about two months left before we head out for our first excursion of the camping season. Last October, we looked at our list and decided that we really wanted to accomplish as much as we possibly could while the cold weather was upon us, and I think we are both really happy with the amount of “housework” we have gotten done over the past few months. We are really trying to stay motivated for this last stretch so that we will be able to concentrate on the garage and outside of the house over the summer (in between outings of course). Be right back


  1. You are my inspiration. You will have the house ready when you are.

  2. Just gotta love these warmer temps!!!

  3. Cats have such a hard life, don't they? Cute picture. Keep up the hard work!

  4. love the new header!!!..bring on Spring!!