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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yay – Freecycle! :)

I discovered Freecycle a couple years ago, and don’t even remember where I first heard about it. But it sure has been a godsend for us this year. This morning I listed several items as available for the taking….


a set of outside table and chairs…


…a large suitcase





…a set of camping dishes






and three sets of modular shelves…


Tonight, just a few hours later, they are all gone except for the suitcase! I may end up reposting it, if it doesn’t go this time, but I have never had something that didn’t go on freecycle.

And, one of my co-workers came by and took our deck bar and chairs off our hands as well…


The stuff is just marching out of the garage!!

It was another gorgeous day, and the leaves are coming out like crazy.



This is the view from the fiver’s front step…




In other house news, I called a realtor whose name we have been given, and we have an appointment with her for two weeks from today for an initial meeting and market analysis! Six months left until our house goes on sale!!


  1. Only 6 more months! Terrific!

  2. I can't believe how fast time is going. :)

  3. That time will go really fast I think. Must feel nice to get some things gone.

  4. We've had 'Free Cycle' (but I somehow think it goes by a different name, and it's not coming to me) in our area in Canada for a few years now. I've used it a number of times.
    Once in a while though, I'll just take something to the local "Re-use It Centre". It's an actual business that takes in stuff and sells it again, but that doesn't matter, as long as they'll take it.
    The "Free Cycle" thing can sometimes be frustrating if people don't show up to collect their sh*t. I have no patience for that. You get one try, and if you don't show, it's got to go.

  5. free cycle is a great idea!..glad it is working for you and the recipients of your the items!!