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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


IMG_1672Wow is just about the only word I can think of to describe this weather.

The grass is getting green, and my tulips are coming up. And our temps for the upcoming week look just as nice – we even have several days of 70s forecast for next week. (The average high for today is 43 degrees.) We have turned our heat off for the time being. Who knows whether this will last through the rest of March and into April, but even if it cools down at some point, we are saving bigtime on pellets every day that we don’t have to run the stove.




We have been enjoying the nice temps immensely, and have been doing a lot of our cooking outside. Today was our third time using the bbq within a four day period.





I have been having a great time moving things into the fiver, and getting organized. I love baskets, and they are coming in very handy as I decide where things are going to be placed.









There is so much storage space!




Our house is starting to look a little empty, ummm make that….very empty. Be right back


  1. Love the new blog title photo! We hit 76F yesterday here in NJ, crazy warm for March. My tulips are coming up, as are the groundhogs. :)

  2. Nice storage in your fiver! You're getting there.

    Don't you just love the temps? We've been walking every night..taking advantage of it!

  3. Your "house" is getting empty as your "home" is getting organized. Way to go!

  4. By the way, under the bathroom sink is a perfect place for a small wine rack.

    Just sayin'.