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Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Stuff Gone and Modifications

Today turned out to be another beautiful day. I’ve started my blog post with that sentence a lot lately, but that’s ok, I’m not getting sick of it!

Gretchen and Schaun headed for home shortly after lunch, and we decided to take advantage of the nice day to get some things accomplished.


We had a pile of clothes sitting in the garage waiting to be taken to the drop box, so we loaded them all into the car. You’d think with all the clothes we have gotten rid of so far, that we wouldn’t have anything left to wear! But that is not the case – we definitely had too much in the clothes department.

Bye, bags of clothes!


Next on the agenda (after washing the truck) were a couple of modifications to “cat-prep” our fiver. The first one serves another purpose too – to make our door a little more toddler friendly.



You can barely see it on here, but there is a sheet of plexiglass waiting to be cut down to size.






Fit it in over the screen…






and no more worries of cat nails getting caught in screening (or little ones falling through and down).

We lose a little air flow, but we think it’s worth it.

The second modification was the one I mentioned a few days ago. We did think about buying one of those pieces of furniture that had a space for a litter box. But they seem a little big for the amount of free space that we have, especially with the cat tree. And also Harry wasn’t thrilled about the thought of the cats doing their business right next to his chair.


So today Harry got to the project of creating a space for the litter box. First he disconnected the subwoofer that was in the cabinet.

He added a length of speaker wire that we picked up at Home Depot…




…and threaded it through the space where the tv is, over to the other side.





Next he threaded the speaker wire down through a hole he drilled, and then reconnected the subwoofer.





We put a rug underneath to catch any litter that might go outside the box.





And the litter box fits great in the space.

With only one door open, the litter box is much more hidden.




We also brought the rug out that was in our living room in the house. I think the colors meld really well.


Our living space is starting to come together!


  1. Great idea for the litter box. We've also thought of getting a rug for the living area. Just haven't found one we (I) really like.

  2. You guys are going to be so prepared when you hit the road, unlike us - sorta winging it as we go. Not the best of plans.

  3. Lots of good ideas! I really like the rug in that space.

  4. great idea for that darn litter box!!...going to have keep that idea tucked away in my head!!

  5. I have bought several throw rugs for the Alfa that can be tossed into the wash. We are the shoes on kind of people and it seems they get dirty very quickly from park sand and dirt walks.

    That rug looks really nice in your fiver though.

  6. I sure hope the kitty likes that new location for the cat pan. Our little "darlings" probably wouldn't like the low ceiling. I guess cat pans are the price you pay for having cats...and at least we don't have to get up and take them outside in the middle of the night, huh?

    We couldn't believe how many clothes we had either. How do you collect so much??? We still have too many clothes.

  7. Our current litter box is inside a canopy style cover, so they are already used to going "inside" to their litter box. Plus they both like going inside things, so I think they will take to it ok. When we first bring them over, we will leave both doors open until they get used to its location.

  8. Looking good ~ job well done!
    Love the litterbox idea!

  9. Great modifications for the kitty! The plexiglass is a great idea for our doggies as well. I'll have to remember that one!!