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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebrating Friendships

I don’t often bring in topics to the blog that relate to work…other than a short mention of going to work, or returning from work, but yesterday was one of those days when work and play came together. Yesterday was the last day of work for my boss for the past three and a half years, so to celebrate her moving on to bigger and better things, we all gathered at a local Japanese restaurant.


It was also another co-worker’s birthday, so we had another great reason to celebrate!


I am lucky that I have great people to work with, and we had a lot of fun and laughs.





It’s a cool experience to sit around and watch the theatrics as your dinner is cooked in front of you.




It’s not too often that you get your name spelled out in veggies and rice to honor your birthday.





It was a bittersweet evening, because while it was a great time with some great co-workers…






…at the end of the great evening, it was then time to say…so long for now…but we will catch up with you again down the road. Smile


  1. Even in my worst jobs, I have found people worth keeping for the long-haul, and so my work life has always played a serious role in my social life. That's one thing that I miss about having a job.

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. how great that even though you have to work everyday you were able to form a friendship with your co-workers!!

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  4. I can't think of any job/duty station that I don't reflect back on my co-workers. I have found the good times are what we remember.

    Judy will be having her retirement get together Tue evening and I know it is going to be very emotional for her and the staff.

  5. You have a very nice bunch of people to work with. Hibachi..one of our favorite places to go! :)