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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another “Got A Lot Done” Weekend

Another great weekend, lots on our list getting checked off.

IMG_1781Yesterday was the more low key day of the weekend. I got home from work at 2:30. Harry had spent the morning working on touch up projects around the house. They are all little things, but it takes awhile to go through each room and get them done.

When I got home, I worked down in the basement, piling up the last of the stuff that will be going in the garbage at some point, and sweeping up the floor.

Today has been a super productive day. We broke down more of the cardboard in the garage to get as much as possible into the recycling bin for this week.



Harry’s brother stopped by this morning and, when he left, an old pellet stove and a rototiller left with him. Yay! Another couple things gone.



We also went through all those piles of coats I took from the closet a few days ago. We filled three big bags for the clothes collection box, and filled another tote with a few that we want to keep and will put into storage.

IMG_1773We also spent some time over in the fiver.

Harry worked on putting up a pull handle that we bought for the screen door.

The directions appeared quite complex.






But the end result looks great!







And added a towel bar over the bathroom door.
















And then it was time to sit down for a few minutes, and just enjoy…





According to the weather forecast, next weekend looks to be sunny and pleasant, so we went over to Home Depot today and picked up some materials for another project on our to do list…




Sprucing up the outside of the house!!





Just have to make our way through another work week first. In love 

We are still keeping a good pace, since we want to get as much done as we can before we hit the road for our first trip – we will be heading out for Hartwick Heartlands Campground in just 47 days!!


  1. Very good! We ordered one of those screen door handles as well. They work great! It was always hard to open the door.

  2. We put a handle on our door last year. Works great. Sounds like things are getting done.

  3. Good for you guys - that's a lot of accomplishment. I really like the looks of that screen door pull - we need something like that.

  4. Sounds like you have made some really good progress with getting rid of stuff and getting lots of projects done. That's such a good feeling.

  5. yet another productive weekend at your house!..you are making the rest of us look bad!!

  6. Nice job on the screen door handle. I need to get one of those too!

    You seem to have had a very productive weekend!

  7. Really like the two new accessories. We definately need a towel rack and the door bar looks usful as well. Where did you get them? Jim

  8. We found the towel rack at Walmart and the door bar from Camping World.