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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Taking the First Step!

IMG_1788Even though we still have six months until we list our house, we felt like we were taking that first step yesterday when we met the realtor, Diane. We were very pleased with the meeting, and with this realtor.



Harry took this picture of the cats watching me fill their water dish.

I’m waiting patiently for a little attention.



Diane has a great record of sales, even over the past few years when the market has been challenging. She makes great use of technology to market one’s home, and regards the internet as one of the most useful tools to selling the home.

Hey, why are all my toys picked up?



So the results of the meeting…we’re going to back up our listing date just a little bit, to the middle of October. Since we couldn’t possibly go anywhere until after the first of the year, if the house were to sell right away, the timing would be a little too tight.

IMG_1756 As I’ve mentioned before, it is not possible to live in the fiver up here once our house sells. We can as long as we have our driveway to park in, but we don’t have anywhere to move to. Campgrounds in this area are closed by October 15th. We’ve looked around and tried to think of an option that would work, and…it just won’t work. So we are back to having the closing at a time when we can just hitch up, jump in the truck and head south. I did find a campground about two and a half hours away that is open year round. So that will be our first destination if we head out during the winter months.

IMG_1792Ahhh, but I’m getting ahead of myself….back to the house sale….Diane had nothing but good things to say about all of the improvements we have made, and the condition of the house. She expects that it will show very nicely. She would like to take some pictures of the outside of the house when we don’t have a full driveway. So that will be done in August, while we are off to the Adirondacks for a few days.

IMG_1793So, we are back to working on our ever dwindling list. Thankfully, Diane had no improvements to suggest beyond the ones that we have already done, and those we plan to finish over the coming months. She did suggest one test that the buyers will most likely request. Depending on the results, there may be one more expense that we have to add to our list. But I figure it’s better to know now than to be surprised in November or December. So we will add that to our plans for the next month or so.

We’re almost to the weekend! And only 44 days now until our first trip of the season!

PS I uploaded my recent pictures this morning when I was starting this blog, and every one was a picture of the cats. haha So I decided to make it a cat themed picture day.


  1. Very good for you guys! Such an exciting time, everything you do now is toward the goal of full timing!

  2. Sounds like Diane is a great choice for your realtor. She obviously thinks the sell will not take very long so your plan to push back the listing date is a sound one.
    I bet all realtors wish their listings were in such great condition as yours.

  3. a realtor with a good work ethic and ideas for selling when the market is not so great is a good thing for you and Harry!..nice kitty pictures today!!

  4. You two are great planners. Reminds me of a TV ad I've seen recently where all the ducks are in a row. You sure do have your ducks in a row.

  5. So good to know that there aren't any really major things you still need to do before you can show the house. You guys have done such a great job. And we love pictures of the fur kids.

  6. I hope your house sell quickly for you. It won't be long now until you are rolling down the highway.


  7. That's wonderful, although not surprising, that you received such good comments from your realtor on the condition of your house. You two have worked so hard on it.