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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend in celebration of Easter and Spring!

IMG_1800We had another busy weekend around here. We didn’t really take too much time off from working on our projects, as we now have only 6 weeks before our trips begin, and our goal is to finish as much as possible before then.



Although, we did go over into the fiver for a couple hours later yesterday afternoon, and just enjoyed hanging out for a little bit. We brought the cats over, and they seemed to remember it from last September. They also checked out the new litter box and both gave it the, a-hem, stamp of approval. Flirt male

So…what did we get done this weekend? IMG_1797Well, Harry took an old water heater and eight big bags of garbage to the transfer station. He also did some touch up painting in the guest room and in the kitchen where we had replaced the ceiling light. AND, he spread the bags of mulch that we bought last week.



After I got home from work, we took down the canopy frame on the back deck. The deck looks so much huger now! And we cleaned the front door, which was looking pretty dreary. That was enough for one day, so we headed to the fiver to relax for a while.



We both are so ready for the days when our house projects are at an end and we can enjoy our new home.



Today…we took another load of STUFF to my sister’s…









It’s a wonder we have anything left in this house!


After we got home this afternoon, Harry dewinterized the fiver. YAY!

We are FORTY days from our first trip of the season.


  1. Glad the cats "approved" of the litter box - that's pretty important haha. You and Harry look very relaxed in the fiver. 40 days will go by really fast.

  2. I can just see a 'for sale' sign in that front yard now! The cats look right at home in the fiver...so do you guys!

  3. Now your starting to make us jealious because we don't leave on our first trip of the season for another 56 days. Glad your making progress and getting a feel for your new home.

    It's about time.

  4. once again the two of you are much more productive than us!!..good for you..glad the kitties approve of the new setup!!

  5. Sounds like things are moving right along for the both of you. The next 40 days will go by quickly.

    Ira and Vicky

  6. I've really been enjoying reading your blog as you ready to full-time. My husband retires from the Army October 1 - but has enough leave accrued that his last day of work is August 10. We moved into our Landmark 5th wheel April 27th of last year and can't wait to hit the road! Maybe someday we'll meet each other on the road.


  7. The clock keeps ticking! It will be at zero before you know it! Looking forward to you first trip of the season.