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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quiet Week

IMG_1674It’s been one of those weeks when there’s not too much going on. Other than the usual go to work, come home, eat dinner, etc. repeat cycle that we seem to get into every work week.

We have been cooking on the barbeque several times a week, so that has been great. I have been experimenting with making some new bbq sauces. Yum!


IMG_1520Today is garbage day, so we have another two bins of recycling and garbage being picked up. By this weekend, we may be able to take a couple pictures and show the progress in getting that garage cleaned out.


Hartwick Heartlands 1We now have only five more work weeks until our first road trip. That is only 27 more WORK days. Do I sound like I’m counting? Yup, I am. We both are, as it has been over six months now since we last took any time off from work, and we are ready for a break. We have been saving our vacation time for the nice weather months, and are happy that they are almost here.



We have company coming this weekend, as Harry will be heading to MA to pick up Schaun tomorrow. So we have another fast and busy weekend coming up.


  1. the counting can be slow at times that is or sure!!..almost the weekend though and another week will be done!

  2. How nice to be able to take off in the fiver! We are starting to count down to our first vacation this year - flying to Houston on 5/5 to see George's brother & SIL. Looking forward to getting away!

  3. Time will pass & you'll get that outing very soon!

  4. I certainly can understand the anticipation and counting the days!! Since we came off the road we have been biting at the bullet to get back out. We will...but it might be another few months. Oh well...at least we will!!
    We have that same grill....love it!!