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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wet Weekend

IMG_1846We are finally getting some much needed rain.

We are down about five inches for the year, so even though it’s the weekend, we are glad that it is raining.




Our leaves have been coming out very gradually, due to the mostly cool temperatures we have been having over the past weeks.




There was some time yesterday morning while I was at work when it was beautiful out, and Harry spent some time doing an inventory of the front compartment. We’ve already had the experience of looking through multiple containers before we find the one item we are seeking. The basement is next!


The junk pile is dwindling slowly. I have already filled the bin for next week’s pickup with as much as I could get into it.




Harry has been organizing his work bench, cleaning out and pitching.

So another great weekend! And now only 4 weeks left until our first road trip!!

So, we spent some time in the fiver this afternoon practicing



  1. Time is going quicly isn't it. It is so exciting just waiting for the wheels to roll. When are you putting the house up?


    1. Our "house on the market" date is October 15th!

  2. In 2011,Carol and I did the same thing you guys are doing - getting rid of stuff. It is a liberating feeling isn't it? When came to moments of difficulties and challenges, our kids would tell us keep the eye on the bigger picture.
    Since you are blogging the journey, if you get frustrated or feel stuck in a rut, go back and read some of your earlier blogs. This will give you an idea of how far you have come.
    October 15th is just around the corner.

  3. We have enjoyed the rain today too. We certainly need it, even though last year we had too much! I just looked at the weather, and there is a huge snowstorm coming in the western part of the state. Geez!

  4. great job practising!..it may take some more work to get it down pat!! :)

  5. Sure brings back memories!!
    It has been rather wet here this past week and tonight it is suppose to drop into the 30s. This weather is crazy!!