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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Progress Report

Last fall, we looked at what we had left to accomplish on the house, and we decided that we would try to get as much done as possible during the winter months so that we wouldn’t have to work all summer – we hope anyway – that was the plan! We had a pretty long list. One month from today, on May 19th, we will be heading out for our first road trip of the year. So I thought today would be a good day to take inventory of our progress.

Harry organizing his truck box…

IMG_1835Wow, one good thing about a blog is that you can look back and see exactly what happened in a certain month or period of time. Until I looked back while I was getting ready to write this entry, I really had forgotten how much we had to do as of last September.


Still has a little room to play with…



In the last six months, we’ve replaced the upstairs bathroom floor, vanity, etc., painted the downstairs bedroom and office, replaced the downstairs bathroom floor, cleaned out the basement and the garage storage area. We’ve also cleaned out various closets and piles of STUFF that were sitting throughout the house and gotten rid of a lot of it, through freecycle and giving stuff to family. Phew! I feel really good about everything we’ve gotten accomplished over the past few months.


The garage remains as the last area that we still have to work on, although we have made some progress here as well.

On March 21st, I  took these pictures of piles that needed to be disposed of in our garbage pickups.








This was the upstairs storage area after we had started cleaning it out.




Here are a few pictures of the same areas that I took this morning…



The garage is still an area in progress…but the big piles shown in the “before” pictures are all gone.





The upstairs storage area is almost done!




We are still in the process of moving our stuff into the fiver. We have continued to weigh everything that we bring in, and have also weighed items like our computers, tray tables, crockpot - things that for now are still in the house but we know we’re bringing them. We are about 400 pounds from the amount of weight that we have allotted ourselves. So we are at the point of being more discerning. Luckily, we are also at the point where we don’t think there’s much left that we want to bring in. So far we have  A LOT of storage space left. Like Harry says, we have more space than we do weight to allow us to fill those spaces up.

We almost have more of our things in the fiver now than we do in the house. Our plan is to move in over the last weekend of April. We want to be in and settled before our first road trip in May…Be right back…which is now only 30 days away!


  1. If you are like us, you will find you really don't need a lot. We have room for more and we've been on the road over 2 years. However, when we got weighed we were only 300 pounds under max.

    You have done so much and have planned so well.

  2. one day at a time and one box or bag to the garbage !..soon your time will be here!..geesh I remember when you first started counting down and here you are almost done!

  3. Just reading your blog makes me feel like I need a nap! You guys have done so much.

    We can feel the excitement building in your posts.

    The best part of a vacation, retirement, journey is the anticipation.


    Sharon and Ron

  4. WOW - you are so organized! Impressive!

  5. It'll be interesting to see what we weigh out at. Living stationary for 7 months has allowed us to accumulate some unneeded items I'm sure. A big purge before pulling out will be a must!

  6. Whew!! I got tired just reading about all you guys have accomplished!! Aweome!!
    Finding your "stuff" making its way to the 5er is a great sign. That means you are moving in!! YAY!!

  7. Looks to me as if you have just about finished eating that elephant.

  8. Following your progress helps me stay focused.