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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Organizing

Over the past few days, I have been doing more organizing over in the fiver. I’m really happy with how things are looking.


I went to a craft show a few days ago and found a table to go next to Harry’s chair. It is the perfect size and it was pretty light. (By the way, that pillow doesn’t really go, but according to Harry, it is the perfect size.)




I also like the fact that the table has some storage areas.






Harry brought over our wireless printer a few days ago. It fits perfectly on the shelf.





Today I started bringing over more kitchen items. I also bought some shelf extenders to maximize our space.






We can fit so much in our pantry! This is just about everything that we have to bring over.





And I still have some shelf space left.


  1. Those wire shelves are great. I think we have some in every cabinet!

  2. We found those wire shelves work so well. Have them it lots of cabinets. You do have a lot more space. That's a good thing!

  3. nice work on organizing the cupboards1!!..love the new table!

  4. That is some amazing pantry space!! Isn't it fun to finally be "moving in" and organizing things just the way you want it????
    Love the table....looks to be a perfect fit!!

  5. Wow, love the pantry space! That is ideal.

  6. I love your little table. I use those white shelf organizers too. They really do help keep the cupboards organized.