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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Sunday Drive

IMG_3243Not too much going on this week. The usual. Work, come home, make dinner, relax for a few hours…

The temps have been holding in the high 50s, although we did have one really nice day with temps in the 70s.


Nothing going on with our house sale. We have been more or less patiently playing the waiting game. I am trying to keep my mind on all the positives of the sale taking a little longer, although of course if we were to find a buyer next week we wouldn’t complain.


2012-10-07_12-27-47_884It is most definitely looking like fall around here. The leaves are turning and some trees are almost bare. Sometimes in the morning and evening the house is cool, but we have not turned our heat on yet.


2012-10-07_11-00-00_43There is a new Camping World near Kingston, NY, which is about a 45 minute drive from our house, so today we decided to take a ride down and check it out.


2012-10-07_12-24-43_488It was a pretty nice day for a drive, but a little dreary. My leaf pictures would have turned out better with a little sunshine.


Our main purpose for going down was to buy a Max Air Vent Cover for over our fantastic fan. Over the summer, twice we managed to leave our bathroom vent open when it was raining. So last week Harry installed a vent cover over that fan. He liked it so much that he wanted to get another one. Of course, I managed to find a few things I wanted as well. Camping World is one dangerous store. At least, we’re doing our part to support the economy!

IMG_3262On the way home, we stopped at my sister’s house for a quick visit.

I found another nice view from her front porch.

After a couple hours of chatting, we headed back home to spend a few hours watching some football. I sure don’t miss that to-do list!

We have another drive planned for tomorrow. I hope the sun comes out for this one. Smile


  1. Are you guys going to be able to go south for a month or two this winter? I think you're going to get pretty cold up that way before too long.

    1. I wish! :( The trip we have coming up next week is the last one we have planned. If our house sells, we would head south in early January. But if not, we're here for the duration.

    2. Sorry to hear that. I was hoping maybe you could head out even if the house didn't sell. Sending lots of prayers your way that the house sells and you can get on the road.

    3. Thanks!! We appreciate any prayers sent our way. :)

  2. Still keeping our fingers crossed that the right person sees your home and falls in love with it!!

    Thanks for the link to the furniture question. Definitely something we are going to look into after we finish up at Amazon.

  3. The colors are getting nice. We noticed today that the leaves are falling for the most part already :(

  4. I love your new header photo with the beautiful leaves. We understand your feelings about being patient with the home sale. We are also playing the "patiently waiting for the home to sell" game too. This is one game I'll be glad that's over. We're thinking of you, hang in there.

    1. Thanks! I hope both of us win the game SOON, so we can head on down the road. :)