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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rally Days Baby!

IMG_3467It’s been a whirlwind few days, and a great weekend!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Our friends Beth, Greg, Betty and Don arrived on Friday and we headed out to find a nice place for lunch.



There were about 27 rigs at the Heartland rally. The timetable was pretty flexible, so we just got together on our own and explored the area. On Saturday we went to Wildwood, which turned out to be pretty deserted.




But we did find a great place to have lunch, and they had some fall drink specials. I had a green apple daiquiri, which was SO good!




On Sunday many of the rigs headed out, but our friends were sticking around until Monday. So we headed back down to Cape May and enjoyed walking around the beach. I had one more time to get my toes in the water while the others looked for treasures in the sand.



On the way back to our truck, we happened upon a Halloween parade.






Cape May takes celebrating Halloween seriously!








That evening we enjoyed sitting around a campfire and we all pooled our leftover food to come up with a delicious dinner of bbq’d hamburgers, chips, salad…lots of good stuff!

On Monday morning we pulled out bright and early, heading for IMG_3509NY. It was our first time traveling in a group, and we really enjoyed it. There’s something really nice about looking ahead and seeing people traveling along with you. Unfortunately, the other rigs were heading to Western NY, and so all too soon it was time for our paths to separate. I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again next camping season.

This morning we took the rig over to Deiderich’s RV again. We are getting too used to the roads to that place! (Although we are glad to have them so close by). They took one look at the back of the refrigerator, and said, you definitely need a new cooling unit. They called Dometic while we were there, and we are all set. A new one is being shipped out and sometime next week we will be bringing her back over to have that replaced. We are just glad it is being taken care of now while we are still in the house.

And, one more update – we had our open house on Sunday, and it seemed to be a success. There were four interested parties checking out the house – and a lot of positive feedback. Our realtor had the pellet stove running, and the house was toasty warm. We haven’t heard anything more yet, but we are still keeping the hope! We know the house will sell, when the time is right, so we are staying the course. Smile

Tomorrow we both head back to work. ho hum.

But it sure was a great trip!


  1. How cool to get to see a parade! Love em :) Sounds like you guys had a great time there in Cape May. Won't be long before you can decide to stay there longer...no more vacationing!

  2. Fingers and toes all crossed for you. I hope each interested couple knows there are others interested too so they come in with good offers!

  3. They take celebrating Halloween in Kansas serious too! We are headed to Independence, Kansas on Saturday for the huge Neewollah (Halloween backwards) festival. The parade on Saturday is one of three the festival has, along with an arts/crafts show, carnival, food, you name it...

    So glad you guys had a great time!!!

  4. I am so glad that you had a successful open house. We still have our fingers and toes crossed for you too. It will happen.