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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Settled in Cape May

We left our house on Sunday for a short jaunt to Black IMG_3330Bear Campground in Florida, NY. We had not yet visited this campground, but its location about 2 hours south of the capital region made it a strong candidate for one of our stopping points on our trips to and from upstate NY. Well….let’s just say that it’s probably not going to be our first choice if we have options.

IMG_3323Good points first…they have some nice pull through sites.

They are working to angle them, and we can see signs of improvement all through the campground. It’s obvious that the owners are putting some work into the place.

But unfortunately, there are a couple BIG negatives, as far as we’re concerned. The campground is about 15 miles off the highway, IMG_3338and for the most part, the roads are great. But once we got to the town of Florida, there was a right hand turn at a light that was very tight. We were lucky that there weren’t any cars parked in the spaces on the street. I don’t know that we could have made that turn if there had been. The second negative is IMG_3341actually in the campground. After check-in, the route to the sites takes all rigs up a HUGE, and I do mean HUGE, hill – about a half mile, all climbing, and starting from a standstill. We made it, but it’s not something we would choose to do if we had another option. 


Once we were settled, we did have a nice overnight stop. We didn’t take out very much, since we were just leaving in the morning. We had a relaxing afternoon, and watched some football.



Yesterday morning, we left around 10 am for Cape May, NJ. The forecast was for rain and storms in the afternoon so we were hoping to arrive and get set up before the rain started.



We were lucky! All hooked up, settled in, and ready to relax for the rest of the week before the first drops fell. And it poured! No real storms though, so I was happy about that.



We have a great pull through site (our favorite kind so far) AND our satellite works, so we have Directv. It was a little funky yesterday, and I was hoping it was because of the storm clouds. Checked it this morning, and yes! we have our satellite tv. Ahhh, I am a happy camper. Oh, that’s the other thing about this campground, they don’t 2012-10-15_14-05-39_70have free wifi. Well, one hour a day free…but that wouldn’t work for us. The service they have charges $4.95 for a day and $14.95 for a week. We had saved $25 when we checked in because they were having a “3 night, get one night free special” so we almost broke even after we paid for the internet for both our computers. On the positive side, the internet seems to be pretty good.

It’s a bit breezy out today (AKA windy), so won’t be doing any bike rides, but we are definitely going for a “walkabout”. I am looking forward to checking out the area.

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