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Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Scenes from our Trip

When I did yesterday’s blog, I hadn’t downloaded my pictures yet. I just got a chance to do that, so I thought I would post a few pictures from our time away.

IMG_3208This was the view from our site. All the rigs around us were part of the rally.

I took all these nice sunny pictures on Thursday, Sept. 27th, which was the only sunny day we had.




This was the view in the other direction. The pull through sites were huge!






This was our site. HUGE!





I forgot to say in yesterday’s blog that we used our new washer/dryer for the first time while we were in Copake. We LOVE it. We washed small loads and took them out right away when they were finished. Nice, clean and no wrinkles!




This was our normal look for the rest of our time away – gray skies, hoods and lots of cold weather gear.




Rain, rain and more rain!






Inside we were toasty warm and comfy.





This second picture was taken in the middle of the night. I got up to get a drink of water, and found the cats both curled up in Harry’s chair. I was glad the camera was close at hand.



So those were a few views from Copake. We had a great time, and are already looking forward to our next trip in 13 days.


  1. You site was huge!! How nice is that!

    Did you guys swap out the furniture in your rig? Jerry and I are not thrilled with the chairs and the sofa in our Landmark. We don't think they are that comfortable.

    Loved seeing the photos!

  2. You always seem to get the greatest sites!

  3. I just love the photo of your kitties. Also, thanks for posting about the combo washer/dryer and your experience with it. I am planning on having one too.

  4. Too bad about the weather but it looks like you were warm and toasty anyway. Sure was a nice site you had.

  5. I love it when there is lots of grass like that. I think kitties are pretty content to be anywhere as long as they can be warm and cuddly. Cute picture.

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