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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Ready

It’s been an interesting week – seems like we’ve been back from vacation a long time! We headed back IMG_3536to work on Wednesday, so that made for what seemed like a quick work week. Like everyone else, we’ve been watching the updates on Sandy. Although it doesn’t look like we’re going to get the main thrust of the storm, it still looks like it could be an interesting few days. It’s cloudy right now, but the rain is supposed to start here tomorrow morning.

IMG_3541Yesterday we were excited to find out that we were going to have a showing today. So we picked up all of our stuff, did our pre-showing house cleaning and moved everything out to the fiver this morning.


IMG_3527Then we headed off to my sister’s for our family Thanksgiving get-together. A few years ago, we started having our dinner earlier in the season. Living up here in upstate NY, it’s always a crap shoot whether the weather is going to IMG_3524cooperate for several hours of traveling. More often than not, an early snow storm would put the dampers on our day, when someone would have to stay home due to the forecast. Plus it makes the holiday season a little more spread out, which is nice. (It will also work out well for us when Harry and I are traveling – hopefully we can plan our dinners before it is time for us to head south.)



It’s always great to get together. Even though we all live in NY, we usually only manage to get together once a year. The rest of the year we keep up through facebook and emails.



The kitchen always turns into the congregating place. My sister tried to get us into the living room, and it worked for awhile but gradually we all made our way back into the kitchen.



After we arrived home, we started making our preparations for the storm, just in case we should lose power. Harry is putting some water in the fresh water tank,




and we pulled the slides in, since wind appears to be one of the biggest threats that we are facing.





Later we will fill the bathtubs with water, so we can flush the toilets if we lose power. We have plenty of food and drinking water. We should be all set.



We are thinking about all of our friends and family who are more directly in Sandy’s path! Be safe everyone!!


  1. sure hope that 'Sandy' just winds up being a big ole bag of wind and doesn't amount to much!..stay safe..sounds like you are prepared!!

  2. Good idea to get everything buttoned up! Hopefully Sandy will die out before it hits up there. We actually are getting snow here tomorrow in the Smoky Mountains :(

    1. Sounds weird for you to be getting snow down there, and we're getting rain up here! But I'll take it!

  3. I hope you have good results from your showing today. My fingers and toes are still crossed for you. We're going through the home inspection process now.

  4. Hope you come through safe and with no damage. We closed up our 5er and are hunkered down in a nearby hotel until Sandy is finished.

  5. I like your idea of having thanksgiving early. I think I am going to start celebrating with the Canadians!! Hope Sandy turns out to be less than anticipated. Stay safe.

  6. How nice that you had a blessed Thanksgiving with your dear relatives. From all appearances you will be getting hit with rain and winds even that far inland.

  7. That is such a great idea...celebrating Thanksgiving early! Hopefully you won't get the full hit of Sandy! Stay safe!

    Thanks for posting!

  8. I'm just watching the storm on TV and New York is getting hammered. Hope you guys are safe there and don't experience any damage or problems.

  9. Hope you were spared from Sandy! Such sadness! You are so much closer to take off. We put the house up next Spring... hoping yours sells quickly. Did you try planting St. Joe in the yard?

  10. Sure hope that you two are ok and that there was no damage to your house. Prayers are with you for the sale of that house.