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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Amazon Bound

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 79, Low 62)

I actually had a plan for today’s blog, but as of 4 pm, it went right out the window. That’s about what time Harry’s phone rang.

Let me back up a bit…about a month ago, I sent an email to Amazon expressing an interest in working in their CamperForce program for the upcoming holiday season. Then a couple weeks ago, I received an email with the required paperwork, which we promptly filled out and returned. Since then we’ve been waiting for whatever the next step would be, until today.

When Harry’s phone rang, it was Kelly at Amazon calling to follow up on our application. He explained a bit about the program, answered a couple questions, and then we moved into the phone interview process. After we answered each of the questions in the affirmative, we were happy to get an offer of a position for this upcoming season. We have already emailed Kelly with a  copy of our scanned high school diplomas and the signed paperwork.

To have this position in place is a relief for us. Although we do have income from Harry’s retirement, unfortunately we are not debt free, so we intend to work at Amazon to supplement our income for at least a few years. We have followed blogs of people who have worked at Amazon and know it is going to be hard work, but we are sure we can do it.

In other news…tomorrow is our last day here in Jacksonville, so we will be doing some preliminary packing up and organizing in preparation for heading out Friday morning. Looking forward to seeing something new!


  1. We have friends who have worked for Amazon for several years. It is definitely hard work but the money does help to make it bearable. Where are you headed next?

    1. We are headed to Williston Crossings in Williston, FL, which is near Gainesville.

    2. Hey guys be sure to hang around for there Watermelon Festal It pretty cool...

  2. congrats on the jobs! will be interesting to hear all about it when you start!

  3. Working for Amazon looks very hard. Kudus for being willing to give it a go.

  4. Good for you guys! We've thought about doing that, but with our backs, not so sure it would be a good idea. From everyone that does it, it is a good money maker :)

  5. Great news! Judy and I certainly understand having a need for a little extra cash, that is why we are working here at Blanton Creek (a paid position). We have a friend that has worked in Kansas twice and is going back this year. When you make your way north maybe you could stop by here, we are very close to I85 or US27.

  6. Congrats -- I hope it all works out well for ya'll!

  7. We are happy for you securing your jobs at Amazon! Just put your heads down, do the time and you guys will be fine. I can't wait to read about your experience, compared to ours :).