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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Unexpected Move

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 75, Low 63)

IMG_4305The one thing that we haven’t liked about our stay here in this campground was thinking about the day we have to pull out. After we got into our site, we realized that pulling out would be a challenge as we had to make a pretty sharp left turn and there was a light pole right on the corner.

We’ve gone back and forth discussing our plan of attack for departure day, but neither of us liked either of our options.


This morning, we were watching a toy hauler that was in the site across the IMG_4313street. It also had a light pole on the left corner and we watched to see what they did. What they did was back straight up into the site next to us, and then came out and headed down our street.

That got me thinking…what if we did the same thing? This picture is taken from our “old” site – you can see the empty one across and to the right.


To add to the challenge, the weather was looking a little on the stormy side. The possibility of solving our light pole issue was worth it though. We headed over to the office, explained the issue, and asked them whether we could move over one site.

They gave us the go ahead so we came back to the fiver and got busy packing up. It probably took about an hour, or maybe a little more.



Here we are in our new site, at the right of the picture. We pulled forward into that empty site, into the spot across the way, lined up and backed into our new spot.




We are very happy to be settled again. And NO light pole to our left, so now departure day will be much less stressful.





And we got everything outside set up just in time!


  1. Ah, retired people with a lot of time on their hands..... you folks are fitting in quite nicely.....LOL!

    1. Haha! :) Well, we would rather NOT have spent the morning moving the rig 25 feet. But we figured we should take advantage of both sites being open today.

  2. That is so funny!! When Jerry and I were staying at Wapapello Lake back in August, I worried our entire stay how on earth we were going to get out of our site. Thankfully, there was a kind, older, work camping couple across from us and they took pity on us, being brand new. Mike helped Jerry get backed in to our site (our first back in one) and he hopped in our truck when we pulled out and told Jerry how to steer the rig out of a sharp left and immediately down a steep hill. Jerry did fine, but I am so glad he had some help. Don't tell him I said that...ha ha :)!

    1. Yes, we had help like that at our only back in site this past year. The lady at the campground said, don't worry, "John" is a whiz at getting people backed in, and she was SO right. This guy stood outside the passenger side of the truck and directed Harry in turning the wheel. Right in the site - first time! :-) We were so excited!!

  3. Leanne ( Laurie & George's Mom)February 13, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    That is what happens when you get your rig all nicely washed, you brought on the rain. Happens every time!

  4. Don't know ow you guys with the 5'ers do it. I'd surely hit something! Glad the move worked out for you.

  5. Good idea asking to move to another site. I'm sure we would have fretted over how we would get out too :)

  6. We are new FTers and decided on a MH. We've had TT and 5th wheels before this MH. All I can say is that the MH is much easier to back.
    Congratulations on the jump to FTing!