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Monday, February 11, 2013

In the Groove

IMG_4254So I’d say we’ve gotten the hang of this retirement groove. Our days have settled into a nice routine. And I am really enjoying the relaxed pace. We get up when we wake up, have a little coffee, watch a little news (which I record so we can start it whenever we make our way out into the living room), go Harrypic4for a nice walk, and then our day just kind of goes from there. We may take a drive somewhere, or pick up a few groceries, or have some nice dinner cooked on the grill. Whatever strikes our fancy.


Harrypic5Harry has been enjoying his new camera. There is a nice pond with some bird residents here at the campground, and one day he brought the camera on our morning walk.


IMG_4275So other than “normal” daily stuff, what’s been going on around here? Well, we took a ride over to an RV show in Jacksonville last Thursday. Walked around the rigs and checked out some fivers and IMG_4268some Class A’s. I really didn’t see anything I like more than what we have. We talk about the possibility of trading in someday, but we have made so many modifications to this rig to get it just the way we like it, that I can’t even imagine moving into something else.




Harry said we could always downsize, but I said there is definitely not enough counter space in the kitchen, and the living room is a little tight. Winking smile



In other news, this past Friday was Harry’s birthday. We had a great day…Harrypic1watched a James Bond movie (Harry’s choice), took a walk, and went out to dinner at Outback. And, unexpectedly, Harry got to try out his camera on some military jets flying overhead. They were up there for a couple hours. He really appreciated the birthday show.


I am still doing well with my eating and exercising. So far I have lost almost 30 pounds (3 pounds to go).

This picture was taken October 8th, one week after I started on the weight-loss journey.



Harry took this picture of me on Saturday. I am feeling really good, and am almost halfway to my goal!




We are loving our life. We still find it hard to believe sometimes that we are now living the dream that we worked towards for the past three+ years. We don’t miss anything about living in a “sticks n bricks” house, and we were sure happy that we weren’t in NY a few days ago when they were getting all that snow. Life is good.


  1. It's a good thing you got out of NY before the big snowstorm. I look at other RV's when mine is getting serviced and look online, but have never found anything I like better than the one I have.

  2. Let me tell you, retirement just gets better as the time goes on. But it sure sounds like you've settled in really well. Happy Birthday Harry. And you are looking fantastic. Great job.

  3. Maybe the cats want their own little trailer? :-) I agree with you, this retirement thing is great! You are really looking fantastic, keep up the good work!

  4. Isn't it fun to miss all those big nasty snow storms up North!!!!? Call home and hear all about it and be sympathetic, but in the back of your mind your going,,,,,, teee heee heee.....!!!

  5. Your post made me smile :)!! We are so glad you two are having fun!!

  6. Last night I was going thru our trip pictures from the last year and a half. I'm starting a photo collage with ONE picture from each place we visit. As I went thru time I was thrilled to see myself getting thinner and thinner. I will never be really skinny, but I am feeling really happy with my present weight. I have held the weight loss of more than 50 pounds since October. I weigh in each ay and if I go up a pound I eat light until it is gone again. I seem to have a three pound swing!

    be proud and don't let it come back. You are looking much better.

  7. hi you two happy birhday harry, that looks like an A.liner you are in. Can you even think how much work it would be to get a new rig the way you want. congrats jess keep up the good work bet you cant eat at alot of those country cooking rest like the sigh behind you enjoy Darlene and Jim

  8. Wow!! You look really great. Glad you are enjoying your new life as full timers. Happy and Safe travels to you

  9. Congrats on your success with the weight loss program. It is much easier with the retirement lifestyle but you still must have the will power and dedication. Way to go.