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Sunday, February 24, 2013

St. Augustine Encore

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 82, Low 62)

IMG_4399Today for our last day seeing the sights with Linda, we decided to take another trip to St. Augustine.

Linda picked us up a little before 10 am, and we headed out of town. Being the weekend, it was a little busier than it was when we went, and we ended up parking in the parking garage this time.





We were able to spend some more time walking along browsing in the little shops and restaurants.





We found another Savannah Sweets store – more pecan pralines!




And we went to a place called the Panama Hat Shop, where Harry found a new hat. IMG_4405



For lunch, we went to a highly recommended place called Barnacle Bill’s. (We have a book called Roadfood: The Coast to Coast Guide for 800 of the best places to eat and this was one of the places listed for St. Augustine.)




Harry enjoyed his Shrimp Buster Platter…





…and my fish tacos were also really good, although I could not even come close to finishing my plate.





We finished our trip with a stop by the St. Augustine Lighthouse, although we passed on a trip to the top after we discovered that there was a $10 charge per person.




We had a great day, and now we are home relaxing. It’s still beautiful as I write this – 67 degrees, and we are enjoying the fact that we can sit here in our shorts with all our windows open on the 24th of February. Ahhh!


  1. We followed our noses to the lighthouse and said $10? I'll enjoy it from here, thanks.

    I grew up in Jax.

  2. Love Harry's new hat..looks very dapper in it :)