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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Modification

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 67, Low 48)

IMG_4249The days have been a little cloudy, but still very pleasant. We get outside for walking at least once, and most days twice.

Harry has had to get into the basement a couple times, and it is so awesome not to be in below freezing temps, with snow and ice on the ground. Last night we had a bit of rain, and it was a great thought that we didn’t have to worry about whether anything was going to be freezing outside.

Today the temperatures were once again in the mid to high 60s, and Harry decided that it was time for him to tackle a project that he has been planning for awhile.

IMG_4258We had motion sensor lights at the house, and we really liked the convenience of not having to try to turn on a light if we happened to come back at night. After doing some research, Harry found an RV motion sensor light that was highly recommended. He bought it a couple months ago, but had been waiting until we landed in an area with some warmer weather.


To install the light, first, Harry shut off all the power to the rig, and disconnected the batteries. He removed the old porch light, and the old caulking.





He then attached the wires and tested the light to make sure it worked properly. He had to drill some new holes for the new light and fill the old holes with silicone sealant. He then attached the new light and sealed around it with the silicone.



Today was the first time that Harry has used his new Little Giant Ladder with the Work Platform, and he was very pleased.





The new light looks great!






And works perfectly!


  1. Since Jerry always makes me ask...where do you guys store your ladder? On the ladder in the rear of the rig or in the basement? We would like to be able to store one someplace other than on the back...we don't like the way it looks. Silly, I know :).

    1. Harry has the ladder against the front wall in the basement, standing on its side. He doesn't like how they look hanging on the ladder either, or that the weight is good for the ladder over the long run.

  2. That does look nice. We are wanting to put in more motion sensing lights here at the house. Hopefully they will provide some additional security when we travel.

  3. Great idea with the light. The park we're in now has nice pedestal lights, so it hasn't been an issue if we get back after dark, however...a motion light would be a good idea.

  4. nice job on installing the motion lights!! looks great!

  5. Looks like you guys made it out of Dodge in time to miss one of the bigger snow storm to hit in 37 years...