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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Settled in For a Month

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 64, Low 42)

IMG_4193Yesterday was a pretty laid back day. I am happy to report that we have had some success adjusting our body clocks to our new schedule. We have been waking up between 7:30 and 8:15, and I am loving it! That may sound early to some people, but it’s SO much better than 5 or 5:30.

IMG_4210We are all settled in at Pecan Park RV Resort. When I looked at the reviews for this place, they were a little mixed. A lot of people commented on the lack of amenities at the campground and the fact that it is close to the Jacksonville airport. Our opinions may change over time, but right now we aren’t IMG_4200looking for clubhouse activities and scheduled events. Right now one of our top qualification is a place that is easy to get to, and is a good starting point for seeing all the sights in the area. This one definitely fits, being only a quarter of a mile off I-95. (We can’t hear any highway noise though.) And the surrounding area is pretty rural, although we discovered yesterday that there is a HUGE shopping center only about 4 miles away.

IMG_4207The airport thing hasn’t been a big deal. Every so often a plane flies overhead on its way to landing, and for about a minute, it’s a little loud, but I can’t say that it’s bothering us too much. They don’t seem to fly at night, so we have no issues when we’re trying to sleep.



Some people commented on the lack of shade. We like nice open spots. No acorns, pine cones, pine needles or anything else falling onto the roof while we are parked – and if there’s a storm we don’t have to worry about a tree falling over on us. And no issues getting our satellite tv! (Maybe if we were here in the summer, which I don’t think would ever happen, we would care more about shade. But not so much in February.)

So, after reading the reviews, and weighing them against what we were looking for, we decided to take a chance. So far, we are glad we did!

We have several things planned for the next few weeks. Harry has family in the area, and we are looking forward to having the chance to spend some time with them. We are also planning some trips to the beach, checking out some parks in the area, and at least one day trip to St. Augustine. And there’s an RV show next week! All kinds of good stuff coming up! Stay tuned!! Open-mouthed smile


  1. Although we didn't get to take off in an RV, our get up time shifted a lot after Craig stopped working full time.

    we find we go to bed much earlier when we are on RV trips. So much to do during the days.

    Have fun and relax.

  2. Our wake up time depends on where we are. The more interesting things to do the earlier we're up. Right now on the prairie it's 6am.

    Full sun and no shade is good in winter..even in Florida. We liked Pecan Park just fine.

  3. Pecan Park looks really nice and I agree on the lack of shade trees, at least during Winter. We're glad we're not under anything that could fall on us or drop leaves, nuts or what have you on our rig. Enjoy the warmth!

  4. You did come there to enjoy the sun, unlike New York...........!

  5. We loved the F18sthat flew over our heads at Pecan Park. Five of them took off one after the other.

  6. We saw the signs for Pecan Park on our way to Pensacola. We'll have to check it out next time!

  7. We overnighted at Pecan Park on the way to our destination of a few months in Panama City Beach,FL.
    We thought the cg was very nice and would not hesitate to use it again on a trip thru that area.