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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bath Time!

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 80, Low 62)

IMG_4291There were three big things on Harry’s list of stuff he wanted to do while we were in Jacksonville. Shortly after we arrived here, Harry took advantage of a nice day to wash the truck. Last week, he replaced the light over the front door with a motion sensor light. And yesterday, it was time for number 3 - bath time for the fiver!

As I mentioned in a previous entry, this campground allows washing of rigs as long as you pay a small $10 fee to cover water IMG_4292usage. In the morning Harry called over to the office to let them know he was planning to wash the fiver. They added the fee to our account.

Then he got busy.





You can see the difference between before and after in this shot Harry took.





It was a beautiful day for a big outside job.






Looking all clean and spiffy!






Harry…tuckered out, but happy that this big job is done!


  1. We have yet to tackle a wash of the Alfa. It seems it is either threatening poor weather or we are about to head down to the L.a. area. Every time we do we have something we need done at Alfateers, and the always do a free complete wash and carpet cleaning. I'm sure when we get out on the road, he will want to wash ad polish it more often than every six months! But for now, I am keeping him busy on the house. TWO months till the next trip. :-(

  2. One of the reasons I'm so looking forward to Spring is being able to bathe and wax our rig. Boy, does she need it! Lookin' good, ya'll! :)

  3. Haha, love his big cheesy grin - self pride! It does make me feel better when I wash mine too

  4. We did that same job while we were in Benson, Arizona. It wasn't as hard as we thought it would be and it didn't take us as long as we thought it would :). We will be re-washing our rig while we are in Phoenix, so that we can get it waxed before we head to Yellowstone. I'm sure that will take some time...ha ha!

    1. I love Benson when were u there I cant wait to go back I wpould love to hear all about it. What rv campgrounds do you stay at while u are there.Darlene Price

  5. Hi There,
    I've been lurking around and following your blog for a few months now and it looks like we are following the same general path together. I noticed your Savannah pictures look quite similar to mine. We are currently in Jensen Beach, Florida. Like you, we retired and sold everything to hit the road. We are from Washington State. We spent 10 weeks in Connecticut over the holidays. It's interesting to read the same general story line through another couple's eyes.
    Take care! Juley
    Hope you don't mind but I put a link to your blog on mine.

  6. nice job on the 'washing!' now it's time to rest!