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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Recap

Location: Elkhart, IN (High 79, Low 57)

IMG_4484It has been a very busy traveling kind of month for us.

Hard to believe just one month ago today we were coming off a month hanging out in Williston, FL. It seems like we have been traveling forever!



But no, it was only April 1st that we left Florida and traveled north, with stops in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland on our way to Lancaster, PA.









Although we have been lucky, and have avoided any severe weather, we did find the temperatures to be a little cool for our liking after two months down in sunny Florida.




There were two main objectives for April…attend the Heartland Owners Campout in Lancaster, PA…





…and become official residents of South Dakota after a two day stop there to get our drivers licenses.



Our statistics for April…

  • Total miles driven…3332 miles
  • Amount spent on diesel fuel…$1285.67

And now we are on our way back to NY, and plan to be heading up I-90 to our first NY stop this Thursday.

We are ready to land in one place and take a breather!


  1. Yup, those miles sure add up and suck up the diesel. We've been stationary for over two months now. Looks like maybe 5 or 6 more days.

    We will be in NY state in June on a NOMADS project. But over near Syracuse in Gorham. Thinking it's a distance from you all.

    1. Yes, that's about 4 hours away. We will be in Catskill at that point. :)

  2. Your final weeks sound like our first weeks on the road. Now we're ready to hit the road again soon, and will be glad to be rolling to an other view!