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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello September!

Location: Catskill, NY (High 81, Low 69)

September always gives me a “start of a new year” kind of feeling. Of course, in childhood it meant the beginning of a new school year, and then after that the start of another college semester. For about 17 years of my adulthood, I was a junior high math teacher, so that cemented it for me and now I am pretty mentally fixed in the September to August model of the year.

Yesterday really felt like the end of the summer to me as I said goodbye to my sister as she happily headed off for a weeklong cruise with her hubby. It was a bittersweet moment since the reason for the sadness is the absolutely awesome time that we had this summer, hanging out just chatting as well as meeting five mornings a week to train for the half marathon in August. The best part is we get to look forward to doing it all again next year (well, except for the half marathon in Lake George – we’ll be looking for other running challenges to explore).

This morning I broke down and stepped back on that scale. I was expecting bad news since we have been doing A LOT of eating out over the past three weeks. But happily we must have balanced it out with all the walking, hiking and biking because I was actually down a pound. Whew! Sarcastic smile That was a relief! We are one week away from our start at Amazon which begins for us with a two hour orientation meeting on Monday the 9th. I have been starting to think about some ideas for lunches because we will NOT be getting into the bad habit of buying stuff out of vending machines.

Today is going to be a pretty laidback day. We are going over to my sister’s in a few hours to hang out with my mom and the kids. Harry is going to grill some hotdogs and hamburgers for our dinner. The weather looks to be pretty nice for being outside – the best day of the weekend I guess as we had storms yesterday and they are predicting rain for tomorrow.

We are four days away from hitting the road. Smile


  1. Everytime we've been sitting for awhile we get that excitement building for our next adventure. Good luck in your planning and your preparations for Amazon ;)

  2. I haven't weighed in for a while. I'm afraid to because with all the stress this summer I know I have been eating the wrong things again.

    1. You are still looking really good in your hiking pictures. :)

  3. Every day I tell myself to eat the "right" foods and I just haven't been following through. I know the exercise is my downfall. Our son is getting married in Dec. and I don't want to look like the "fat" mother of the groom!!
    I have heard many people say they lost weight working at Amazon so you might get that added bonus!! :-)

  4. Hope you enjoyed your laid back day, not too many more and then the craziness of Amazon. Haven't weighed lately but the clothes tell me I need to do more.