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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 2 – Disney Dream


Before I begin, just want to say a little more about the check-in process. I started to describe it in my last blog post, then got rushed trying to get it finished before we had to leave for cards! I mentioned that you drop off your luggage with a porter as you drive in. Then it’s just a short drive over to the parking area. Parking is a bit expensive, but I basically think of it as part of the cruise expense. It was a little bit cheaper since it was only a 4 night cruise – $80 to park from Monday to Friday. I think it was $120 last year for the weeklong cruise.

After you park your car you walk the short distance back to the building, and go through the security checkpoint. They scan your bag, as you walk through the metal detector. Then you get in the line for the Disney check-in people. It moves really fast, because it’s one line, and there are probably 20 people at stations at the end of it. There is a Disney employee at the front of the line, and s(he) directs you to the next open station. They take your printed check-in sheet from the online check-in and ID’s. That’s it. Badges for the ships are printed and a small ticket with your group number to go on the ship is handed to you. We were #3, so that was great. Then we walked right over to a big room, and waited about 10 minutes before they started calling numbers to go on the ship. Our check-in time we chose was 10:30 – 10:45, and I think we were walking onto the ship around 11:15.


After a really nice first day, we had a pretty good night’s sleep. The bed was ok. Not the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, but not the worst either. haha I guess the positive is that I get the most out of each day because there’s not much sleeping in.



I was up early enough to get a picture of the sun coming up, and watch us come into the Nassau port.



We didn’t really have plans for this port. On our last cruise to Nassau, back in 2010, we got off the ship and walked around a bit. Our original idea this time was to go over to Senor Frogs and have an appetizer and drink. But we ended up not being hungry enough to want to spend extra money when we could eat on the ship for free. Also, since it was such a short cruise we didn’t mind having another day on the ship.

16806913_10212795773635938_7465626048785206181_nOne of my goals for this week was to keep up my exercise. I was moderately successful. Since we weren’t getting off the ship, I enjoyed a leisurely start before heading to Deck 4 to run on the “track”. You can’t really see a track at all but there is a sign there that says 2.5 times around = mile. I also used my Fitbit watch on the treadmill function and compared it to find that it was pretty accurate.




Not a bad view for a morning run!




In the afternoon, Harry and I went to the adult area on the ship, and enjoyed a couple drinks. Margarita for me and pina colada for Harry. Yum!










After a while we went back to our room to watch the last minute people come back to the ship, and sail away. Our view for the day had been the Carnival ship that was also docked in Nassau.



It made for a pretty cool sailaway picture though! Since my mother and stepfather had the room next door, we were able to have the balcony section removed which really made our balcony feel so open.



We had a wonderful table assignment this evening, with a table right next to the porthole.





We could see the Carnival ship off in the distance.





It was another great day on the Disney Dream!


  1. It looks so relaxing!! The check in sounds like a very efficient process!! Much better than when we went years ago. Love that balcony!!

  2. Yep, Disney has their operations down to a science, don't they. Thinking I'm with Harry...... Pina Colada for me too.

  3. Good for you keeping up with your running! Sounds like a perfect day!