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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hike Up Colvin and Blake – August 8, 2016

(This post is about our final hike of our Adirondack visit last August. I had intended to do a post about it then, but we got busy with grandchild time in Ohio and I never got around to it.)

13872940_10154427379999766_4903452605672029592_nWe had so much fun hiking this past summer. Before that visit, we had only done one high peak (Adirondack mountains over 4000’). Last summer we did five. Our last trip out of the season was also the most challenging, and was a hike where we summited two high peaks – Colvin and Blake.



By the time we went out on this hike, we were feeling pretty confident since we had several successful climbs under our belt. But we ended up being really glad that we had left this one until last, because it kicked our behinds!!




For one thing, it was basically a climb right from the get go. Lots of times you have an incline, and then some flat spots. But this one was basically up, up, up with not too many breaks.




There were also a lot of climbing spots. Not just walking up an incline, but actually climbing rock, finding places for your hands and feet and actually pulling yourself up rock faces.





Another thing that made this hike challenging was the fact that it actually included three summits. We had to climb Colvin first. Then going over to Blake meant we had to descend the back side of Colvin, go across a pass between the two peaks, then climb to the summit of Blake. AND then we had to descend Blake, go back across the pass, and then climb back up to the summit of Colvin on our way back.



13886932_10210779300625373_558892657505379072_nBonnie and Harry relaxing on the summit of Colvin after we went over to Blake and back. Bonnie is a 46’er, which means she has climbed all 46 high peaks, many of them more than once. We love hiking with her because she knows what she is doing!!




My mother on the summit of Colvin. She is in way better shape than I am!!




13925023_10210783732136158_6523163816797332225_n (1)




I love this picture of me! Covered with grime from the climbs, just relaxing, and loving life!!







After hanging out on Colvin for about 30 minutes or so enjoying the view, it was time to head back down.


From the start to the top of Colvin, down and over to Blake, and back up to Colvin, it was 5.3 miles and took us a little over 7 hours. Then the descent back down Colvin and the walk back to the car was almost 5 miles and took another 4 hours.

By the time we got back to the car, we were ready for a break. This was our last hike of the season and even though it was challenging, we really enjoyed it! We’re looking forward to doing some more this year!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your hike back in August. Kudos for your mom...that is awesome. Covered with grime is a good sign of a good climb.