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Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Long Awaited Cut

Location: Avon Park, FL

Wow, the weather has been just perfect. Nice cool nights for sleeping, but sunny and warm in the afternoon. I probably should have gotten out earlier this morning, but I got sidetracked enjoying my coffee. So it was after 9 am when I headed out for my run. I’m not sure how warm it was at that point, but I’m guessing it was already close to 70 degrees at that point. Even so, it was one of those days when it just felt great to be out there running. Always a great way to start a day!

After lunch, we left for a quick drive down 27 to Avon Park. In previous winters, we had a hair stylist here that we really liked, but we were surprised to find out when we got down here this year that she had moved away. We hadn’t gotten around to finding a new place to go, but all of a sudden within the last week or so, we both started feeling like our hair was so wild we couldn’t stand it. After an online search a couple days ago, we decided on a place and called to find out that one of the hair stylists could fit us in today. Yay!



From there, we decided to go have dinner out. We had gotten a gift card to Red Lobster for Christmas, and today sounded like the perfect time to use it. Wow! I haven’t been to Red Lobster in quite some time, and our meals were so good! Both Harry and I really enjoyed it.



Wood fired grilled chicken tacos!



And to top the day off, we were treated to a gorgeous, picture perfect sunset…









  1. That is so cool to get a nice gift card you can and do use..

    If you dont mind my asking, I remember you saying in the update about winning some gift cards at amazon.. just wondering how you did that some sorta competition of sorts., ie. miles walked, boxes pushed etc.

    I am trying to get my wife, who is younger than me by 7 yrs i turned 60 this july '16 so she has a few years of work till retirement, to get on board with more walking, she is NOT a runner for sure. SO having her read you post sorta give her hope. She is not too overweightish just not active enough to help sleeping at night.

    Sitting at a desk chair all day, she is my office manager chimneykeepers.com, answering the phone, setting appts etc is not healthy as i try to send articles to her so I applaud your getting our of the rut of not being active.

    She is a reader so any tips you can throw in about how the new level of activity has helped you guys is good as it not me showing her the difference,,you are living proof :)

    thanks again for you posts its nice to "ride along" on the journey.


    1. Hi Carl, thanks for the comment! I'm going to do a blog post about the fitness question. Another great blog suggestion. :)

      As far as the gift cards, in previous years there were contests throughout the workday...what they call "power hours" where the people with the highest pick rate, or most minutes on task etc would win gift cards. But this year it was truly luck. Everybody would get a ticket, like one of those 50-50 tickets, with a number, and throughout the day they would draw winners and send the numbers out on our handheld scanners. It actually was fun to watch for "lottery" numbers and see if we won, so we thought it was a great idea. And of course it was fun to win so many times. haha

  2. We haven't been to a Red Lobster in ages!! The meal looked delicious!!
    Getting hair cut on the road is always tough!! Hope you liked the new place!#