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Friday, August 19, 2011

Almost to the Weekend!

It’s been another whirlwind week up here. We are getting ready for company! Laurie and George will be arriving this afternoon for the weekend. Yes, we had such a good time when we were sharing the cabin at the rv rally back in April that we are getting together again! Open-mouthed smile

I traded my days off and worked on Wednesday, which has made the week seem even faster than usual. Hopefully today goes by quickly as well, and we can get on with the business of enjoying the weekend.

I was going through a folder yesterday, and I found my master “to-do” list that I typed up last year after Harry and I talked about what we needed to get done around here before we put the house up for sale. There were originally 60 items on the list – 3 pages typed. It looked very daunting last year when I first printed it out. I was so excited to see that there are only THIRTEEN items left. And six of those we still hope to get done this year:

  • Replace the upstairs bathroom floor
  • Replace the upstairs bath vanity
  • Replace the upstairs medicine chest
  • Paint the upstairs bathroom
  • Paint the downstairs bedroom walls
  • Paint the downstairs bedroom ceiling

That will leave only a few things left to do next year. Which feels great because we hope to have some time to actually relax, take some long weekends with the fiver, and enjoy the nice weather.

Only 16 months left until our house goes on the market! Be right back


  1. Woohoo! Only have to work for 5 hours today (instead of 10!) All packed and ready to go.

    We have a 'to do' list on the fridge that keeps us mindful of everything that we need to do also. Helps to see things crossed off!

  2. have a great time with Laurie and George!!!

  3. I am a "list" person too. I love crossing off items. You two sure have made some good headway on your projects. So much done so soon.

    Have great weekend.

  4. Seeing things getting crossed off the to do list is one of the best feeling ever!

  5. Great job on your list! You guys are really pacing yourselves well so that you can still enjoy some R&R.

    Have fun with Laurie and George!

  6. Have fun with your visitors.

    You've both done great knocking that list down to a manageable number! Congrats!

  7. Wow! Sounds like your list has really shrunk....good deal.
    Have a really wonderful weekend with friends!!

  8. Have fun with your friends... Glad your to do list is getting smaller!