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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Up For Sale

It’s been another busy week. The biggest thing going on around here is that we have put my Honda up for sale.


On Tuesday we dropped the car off at the detailing place, and then yesterday afternoon we went back and picked it up.

I had to drop off Harry at work in the morning, and then drove back in the afternoon to pick him up.


This is the view from the car as I drove toward the capital to pick Harry up. I do not like driving in downtown Albany very much, but I have at least mastered this route. Smile

Then we went over to the detailing place.


Haha – this isn’t the best picture I ever took of Harry Winking smile but it’s the only one I took at the detailing shop. It was crazy there and people were driving in and out – I had to move our car three times! Then we found out that ours wasn’t ready yet, so we left to run an errand, and since we were going to get home later than we originally thought, we made the ultimate sacrifice and picked up some Chinese food for dinner. After we got home, we took some pictures and uploaded our ad.

So I checked the site this morning, and our ad is there. Our car is up for sale – hopefully we will get some phone calls soon!!


  1. Well, I'm in the wrong part of the world right now, but that looks like a sweet little car. We'll have to get something when we finally move home (in nine months! at least that's the theory)
    It should sell fast. Good luck just the same.

  2. Looks good... hope it sells soon for you!!!!
    Have fun

  3. hope it sells quickly!!..what are you going to drive once it does??

  4. Good luck on the sale of your car. Here's hoping it's a fast sell.

  5. No trouble selling Hondas, they sell themselves!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The plan is the Jessica and I will car pool on Monday and Tuesday. I drop her off and pick her up. Changed my hours to make it work. Wednesday Jessica is off. On Thursday and Friday she will drive the truck the 3 miles to the branch and Saturday she has my car. Should Jessica need our other Honda on a work day I will take Max (our truck) to the park and ride and take the bus to work. We really thought about it realized we do not need three vehicles. The amount we save not having that third vehicle will surely make up for any increased cost of fuel for the truck. And its not good for the truck to sit unused. So this way we use it a few days a week. Solves a couple of problems.

  7. Wow, I saw the headline, and thought you put the house up :) Good luck on the sale of the car!!