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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cloudy Saturday

It’s been looking like rain all morning, but we haven’t had any yet. I was at work this morning as usual, and Harry has been busy working on the window frame staining. He is almost done!! There is only the one large window in our bedroom to do upstairs, and the sliding glass door to our deck downstairs. It will be so awesome to have that job completed.

No nibbles yet on the car. But we are trying to be patient. For the truck last year, it took about a week and a half to hear from anyone, and then that person bought it. As the saying goes, it only takes one. Plus it’s not like we have any urgent reason to get rid of it now, it’s just that since we have decided to sell it, we want it to happen yesterday!! In love

We are working to get the downstairs guestroom back in shipshape condition. When we were cleaning out the office to take the furniture out a couple weeks ago, we basically just brought everything into the guestroom to make room for the movers. So now we have to find a new home for everything that we put in there. We have a few weeks to finish the process. Our little guy will be coming for a few days Labor Day weekend, so that is our target date to have the room sorted out.

Today is our work day of this weekend, and tomorrow we will be taking the day off to do something fun for a change. Phyllis and Len of The Easts Head West are hanging out in Central Bridge, NY for a few days, which is about an hour from here. So we are going to meet up with them tomorrow and show them around the big city of Albany. Should be a great day – we are looking forward to it. There will be cameras all around, I’m sure! Winking smile


  1. It is finally raining here! We sure did need it.
    Hope you all have fun meeting up with Phyllis and Len!!

  2. Hi there - raining over here in Central Bridge. Sometimes quite heavy, most of the time a drizzle.

    We are looking forward to tomorrow. We found a small Methodist church right up the road with services at 9. Decided to attend. We should be back at our site by 10:15 at the latest. Site 60.

    Now, see what you can do about keeping the heavy rain at bay tomorrow.

    BTW - that car will sell soon!

  3. Dreary days are good for getting caught up. Have fun tomorrow with Phyllis & Len :)

  4. I just discovered your blog today and fell in love with it! You and Harry are doing the same exact things that my husband and I did five years ago. We worked for two years on our house (Doug was still working, so it was weekends and evenings mostly), painting, staining woodwork, redoing the front yard, etc. We put our house on the market on Valentine's Day 2007 and figured it would take us several months to sell. NOT! We had a more than asking price offer within four days and had 30 days to move out! Luckily we already had our motor home. We moved it to a local RV park and proceeded to clean out the house. We had already had two garage sales and I had been selling larger items on Craigslist for quite a while. We had one more giant garage sale before Doug said "no more" and we donated most of the rest of the household items that we didn't take with us. We have a small (5'x5') storage unit in a storage facility close to our children where we put things that we just couldn't part with. One of these days when we're back home, we need to sort out the storage unit once again. Things that I thought were so important to keep five years ago have lost their appeal. We have been on the road since Sept 2007 and have not regretted one moment of it. We absolutely do not want a "sticks and bricks" house again. Too much to take care of. Our house was two stories, with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens, etc., etc., plus a very large yard. When cleaning out the house I discovered that the "things" didn't matter that much and I've never looked back. The hardest thing of all was leaving our children and grandchildren, although we see them several times a year, it's just not the same as being in the same town. But I wouldn't trade the traveling we've done (and will do) for anything. I'm sure your car will sell soon and you'll continue on your way to becoming fulltime RVers.

  5. No worries with your car. It's a Honda, and Hondas always sell quickly!