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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Quite a Day Off

So today was a busy day. After Harry left for work, I started my normal Wed. am blog reading and internet surfing. A few minutes later, my phone began ringing. I went to pick it up and saw it was my work number calling. Someone had called in, and my boss was calling to find out if I would like some overtime. I could only go in for the morning hours as I was heading into Albany for a root canal at 12 pm. Thinking smile That phone call brought a quick end to my blog surfing as I headed upstairs to get ready for work.

I worked until 11:30 and then headed into Albany. My root canal appt. went fine, but at the same time, I discovered that on the other side of my mouth, another problem area is going to necessitate a pulled wisdom tooth and a cap on the tooth next to it. <sigh> I will be spending quite a bit of time over the next two months in the dentist’s office, I think.

On the way home, I got a call from Harry that some people were coming over to take a look at the car at 3 o’clock. That went well, and I think they are interested. We shall see. But, whether they call back or not, two calls in two days is a good sign. Thanks to all of you for the words of encouragement. Smile

So it’s been a wild day. Now Harry and I are relaxing and watching a few dvr’d shows. A nice end to the day. Open-mouthed smile


  1. got to love going to the dentist!..numerous times too!!

  2. Work or a root canal? I think I'd have chosen to work all day and put the root canal off for some other time!!! You are brave!

  3. I go to the dentist tomorrow. Just a cleaning, but I have been having a little discomfort in an already crowned tooth. I don't remember if I had a root canal in hat one or not.

    Hope your car sells easily. It is sure to, it looks in great shape.

  4. Oh boy -- the dentist's office! LOVE going there -- NOT!!!

  5. root canal, caps, tooth pulling ~ now that gives me the shivers...lol
    Hope your car sells soon!
    Have fun