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Sunday, August 14, 2011

This ‘n’ That

Today has been a cloudy but pleasant day. It was supposed to be a rainy day, but actually we have only had a few sprinkles off and on.

Since Harry stained the window in our bedroom, we slept in the fiver last night. It was the first time we have been able to sleep with the windows open and the a/c off. I was surprised at how much fresh air comes through those little windows in the bedroom.  It was very comfortable for sleeping.

One thing we did accomplish for today was a first for me – I drove the truck!


Wow, does it feel big going down the road! I drove over to the gas station, and then over to where I work. That is mainly the amount of driving that I am going to be doing in the near future. It will be a while before I am going to feel comfortable driving down the road with the fiver behind us.

Also, when I uploaded the pictures from today, I realized I had never put up our pictures from last weekend’s visit with Phyllis and Len.

This was a couple views from our trip to the campground where they were staying.

002 003

It had started out as a stormy day, but by the time we arrived in Albany, it was clearing up.


The view at the NYS plaza…



Here is Harry doing his tour guide duties…







and we enjoyed an awesome meal…





We had a great time, and look forward to meeting up again down the road. Smile

One last note from today…we had another call on the car. The potential buyer is going to the bank tomorrow to check on possible financing. He hasn’t actually seen the car yet, but definitely sounds interested. He may call back in the next couple of days.

Overall, today has been a lazy day. I guess sometimes you need a day when you don’t accomplish too much. In love


  1. Hey girl - I am proud of you getting behind that wheel. Towing the rig isn't really all that difficult. You can do it!

  2. Good for you for driving the truck. You'll be an old pro in no time.

  3. pretty soon you will the 'big truck' attitude!..get out of my way!!!..good for you!!

  4. Good for you behind the wheel :) That is something I need to do too. I'm not afraid of the truck, just gotta do it!

  5. You go girl... sitting behing that big wheel and driving that BIG truck. Good for you ~ YAY!!!
    Have fun