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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hanging Tight

So far here, it has been rainy with just some short windy blasts. 007Harry and I have been hanging out and watching the live coverage of the storm. Our satellite went out for a bit last night, but our internet was still good, so we watched the live feed online for a while until the satellite came back. It’s raining pretty heavily at the moment, but I think this is still just the advance stuff, as the actual storm is still about 100 miles south of the city at this point according to the news coverage.


We have the fiver all closed up, the front jacks are lowered a few inches, and she is surrounded by her protective guard – all of our vehicles!! If we were actually living in the fiver, we would be long gone by now.


Our back yard is starting to flood, and we have only had about an inch, inch and a half of rain so far. We could get anywhere from five to eight inches before all is said and done.













I will post another update later….


  1. Stay safe and keep us posted... being from Florida I know the damage these storms can cause..

  2. Hope the flooding doesn't get too bad. Looks like your new 5'er should be just fine though.

  3. hope 'Irene' doesn't knock you around too much!..keep us all posted...this Hurricane is a doozy!!!

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