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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More o’ the Same

Every time I get ready to start a blog entry in the middle of the week, the first possible title that pops into my head is “another busy week”. That’s the way each week feels when we arrive at the halfway point.

Today was not my usual day off. We are still short at work, so I went in for a few hours this afternoon (after starting the day off with another “enjoyable” couple of hours at the dentist’s office). I don’t mind the extra hours though. The extra money I make from the overtime is going into our rv start up fund, and is being used to purchase things as we personalize the rv to make it our own. In love One of the great changes that we have made will be put into place in just a couple days. We are swapping out the two recliners that came with the rv for one nicer recliner, which we purchased at Boscov’s. We got a call a couple days ago that our recliner was available for delivery, so we have arranged for it to be delivered this coming Saturday. Just a few minutes ago, Harry and I managed to maneuver the two recliners out of the fiver. They are now sitting in our garage, and we have put them up on Want Ad Digest for sale. (By the way, our dishwasher went this past weekend after a couple of weeks on the website.)

Harry also reserved a trailer for a Sunday in September, a few weeks from now. That is when we will be taking the hutch, dishes, dining room table, and a dresser to Gretchen’s in MA. Then I believe our furniture moving/selling will be over until next year.

There has definitely been more than a hint of fall in the air these past few days. Autumn is slipping her way into upstate NY, more and more all the time.The evenings and morning have been comfortable and even cool, and I had to put a sweatshirt on this morning when I got up. Another sign of the season is arriving tomorrow, when our order of pellets is going to be delivered. We only ordered 1 ton this year, since we have a ton and a half left over from last winter. Basically every year we have ordered at least 2 ton, and then we just have whatever amount left over to put toward the next winter. But since this hopefully is our last full winter up here, we want to try and use up what we have this year with only a minimum left over. We will definitely be keeping track of when we use each number of bags of pellets this year to help with our planning when we purchase for next winter.

Next year at this time we will be thinking about where we might like to spend part of the winter in case our house should sell right away! Open-mouthed smile


  1. It is really getting the fall feel to it. We haven't had the a/c on all week, and leave the windows open all day. I have to admit, I put the heat up a bit in the car on the way to work :)

  2. I bet you will sell your house before we do! You've done such a great job getting it in shape. I don't think our work will be done until long after Craig retires because he is such a
    bull about wanting to do it himself and then taking years to do it.

    I'm hoping the experience of part timing will get him moving! He says he wants to sell the house.

  3. our leaves are starting to turn! YEs, we hope you will be able to sell your house and warmer plans can be made!

  4. sorry to hear that fall is on the way but we all know you are in a hurry for the next year to go by quickly!!!

  5. The whole thing of getting ready to sell, lots of work, but lots of hope. We're right there with you.

  6. After this brutally hot summer, we're happily welcoming in Autumn!

    You'll love your new recliner. Some of the RV furniture leaves a lot to be desired. :-(