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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Like a Lion

Well, we should have known that we couldn’t make it through an entire winter! But at least we have 40s coming within the next few days, so we know it’s not going to stick around long.

IMG_1561This is what it looked like around here this morning. I took this picture around 11 and you can see that the flakes are just starting to come down.




And now, this is what it looks like…









We only have a couple inches so far, but it’s supposed to snow into tomorrow, so we will probably have a good amount of snow before the storm moves on. I am looking on the bright side – tomorrow is March 1st, and we will be seeing green grass soon!

In other news…

We got our new table yesterday.


From this small package…


…comes this…







Now we just need a small tablecloth and we are all set.


Also, our new door was put in today.


Tom reused the trim from the old door so it would match the other doors in the hallway. He does such great work! The only thing left for Harry to do is stain the door and paint the trim inside the office.






And there goes one more item crossed off that list!


  1. a little bit of white stuff is okay in comparison to a tornado touching down!.have a great wednesday..soon the weekend will be here!!

  2. Yes, I'm not complaining! Like I said, it will be gone very soon. :)

  3. Does that table have a wooden top?

    If yes, who is the manufacturer and the part number and a place to get it. I have been looking for one like that.\

    Katy in NH

  4. No the top isn't wood - it's an aluminum type material.

  5. I like how the cats have to check out everything new that comes into the house.

  6. We had a slight dusting when we got up and it snowed off and on all day long. Wasn't cold enough to stick though. It's so pretty coming down - as long as you're indoors and cozy. I like that table. Nice size for storage when it's down. Is that a Camping World item?

  7. I was wondering how you fared with the storm. We got about 2" that started while I was at work, and was gone, turned to rain, before I left for home! Can't beat that :)

    Like the new table!

  8. Must say I Love, love LOVE your kitty picture on your sidebar!
    Looks like the house remadel is coming along just fine! I am not remodeling but I am moving and so my RV days are put on hold for now. Somedays I can't hardly wait to get back out there where I can feel free again....