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Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Purchase

Location: Williston, FL (High 66, Low 34)

IMG_4515For some time, Harry has been unhappily checking out some little dings in the paint on the front of the fiver that have been caused by pebbles etc. flying up when we are driving, probably into and out of campgrounds.



After doing some research, Harry decided on a purchase to hopefully stop any more chips in the paint from happening in the future.




It arrived today.

Harry got busy right away putting it together.





I think it looks kind of funny, but if it does the job, it will be worth it.



Also, this will probably be the last time that we have pictures of our vehicles with NY plates. I got an email today that our South Dakota plates are in the mail. Smile Hopefully by next Wednesday, our truck and fiver will have a different look.


  1. Yay on the plates! I have to admit, I think this is the first time I've seen a duster on a truck. Hope it helps! I have a few marks on the hood on my motorhome, all from the highway. :-/

  2. Good idea on the shield. We haven't encountered any chips on Harvey (so far!).

  3. Here I try again -to leave a comment. Internet keeps going in and out. So....

    We lost a mud flap last summer in SD. Sure can see the difference with the dirt and grime that gets on one side on the front of the rig. Wednesday Len went to local Ford dealer and got two new mudflaps. They asked if he got a ticket. Seems that in Texas you get a ticket if you have a dually and no mud flaps. Now we know!

    That shield you had put on should really do the job.

  4. Looks like a big mustache! Maybe it's supposed to go on the front haha. Hope it helps with the rock chips.

  5. We haven't had any problems with chips in the 5 years we've had our 5th wheel. Do you take that off when not pulling?
    One more step done to being SD residence.

    1. The TowTector mud flap attaches to the hitch receiver below the bumper. So you can remove it easily by removing the hitch pin and pulling it out. But I believe we will just leave it attached unless we want to use our bike rack to go to a bike trail a little further from the campground.