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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where Did All This Room Come From?

Location: Williston, FL (High 59, Low 39)

We felt really good yesterday about our progress getting weight out of the fiver. This morning after we had our coffee we took a look at the couple other cupboards that we hadn’t looked through yesterday. We managed to find another 26.4 pounds to take to the dumpster! That is now a total of 213.6 pounds GONE since yesterday morning.

On top of the weight we have gotten rid of completely, we’ve also managed to relocate 160 pounds from the front of the fiver to the living area, and we’ve moved 114 pounds from the basement to the truck. In all, that brings us to a total of 487.7 pounds off the pin. Like I said, we are feeling really good about how much we’ve accomplished in the past two days.


These baskets were in the night stand next to my side of the bed. After we got rid of most of the stuff in this cupboard, we were able to move the baskets to the living room area. We have a lot of our “medical” type stuff in one of the baskets, so it’s more accessible here anyway. Plus I love the look of the baskets, and now I can actually see them!



These baskets in the bedroom are empty!

I will use these to store stuff from the bedroom when we are traveling…the small stuff that sits on our nightstands, etc.





Look at our closet spaces!




We can see the floor! Our hiking boots actually have their own spot now.









And finally, check out our basement after Harry did a little more organizing today…










I don’t think we had empty space like this last year when we were just traveling on vacations.



We have made some great progress in downsizing in just a couple days. We still plan to sell the generator when we get back to NY, and we also have a few items that we are going to add to the containers hanging out in my sister’s basement. We are also going to pare down our extra supplies – food, paper products, stuff like that. We have already been trying to buy stuff as we need it, and we will just increase our efforts in this area.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Cedar Key for the day. Lots of pictures to follow, of course!


  1. Good job!

    We do have a generator that we keep on a rack on the back on the fiver. We have used it several times as we overnight at Camp Wallyworld or other such special places when going from Point A to Point B and want to catch a few hours sleep. So the generator would not ever go.

    As you've found in the last few months, you really don't need lots of STUFF to live as we full timers do.

  2. Well done! Yes, you've made excellent progress! When it gets down to it, there is so much "stuff" we really do not need in this lifestyle. In almost 3 years on the road, I've found that reorganizing and weeding out stuff is an ongoing process. Enjoy your sightseeing trip!