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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slimming Down

Location: Williston, FL (High 68, Low 50)

IMG_4691After our weight results from yesterday, we got up today ready to tackle looking through our cupboards and storage space.

One thought I had yesterday was to combine our three first aid kits. In love



After going through all of them and sorting out the expired medications, we combined the good stuff into the one small first aid kit.






As we started going through stuff, the piles started accumulating throughout the living area.




After we finished going through the bedroom closet and drawers, we headed out to the basement.





We sorted through our “file” box getting rid of paperwork we no longer need.




We also went through all of our boxes in the basement pulling out things we haven’t used…a propane lantern, a picnic backpack, computer cables, and stuff like that.


We removed, threw out, donated….187.2 pounds of STUFF today.



We took all this stuff to Good Will!

How is it possible to still have clothes to get rid of after the bags and bags we already took to the clothing donation box?



We also moved some stuff around. Our door side was lighter, and below max capacity by 600 pounds. We were heavy on the pin so we moved some items from the bedroom closet and basement out to the living room…104 pounds altogether.

We still have some cupboards to go through, but the one big thing that we have decided to get rid of is the generator. We didn’t buy it for the fiver, but just brought it along in case we needed it some time. We are not boondockers, so we have decided that it isn’t worth carrying it around for the odd occasion when it might come in handy.

Look how neat and tidy our basement is now!


IMG_4702It wasn’t all work and no play around here today though. After the dumpster run, we headed down the road with all our giveaway clothes towards the nearest Good Will store, and then…




it was time for our reward!!


Steak n Shake!!! (Our combination lunch and dinner for the day – yes, we have been busy!)


  1. Wow! How'd you get all that IN the fiver?? Congrats on lightening your load!

    1. It really wasn't that hard. We had half empty cupboards before and now we really do have some - cupboards with literally nothing them and lots of closet space. I was actually able to spread out my sandals on the floor of the closet!

  2. Good job! You'll feel much better with a lighter load :-)

  3. A lot of folks just give up and get heavier axles and tires........

  4. congrats on getting rid of 187 pounds of stuff!

  5. Nice reward for all your hard work. :-)

  6. Steak and Shake - I am so jealous. I so wish we had one out here. They have the best shakes ever. But if we had one I'd be putting on all that weight you guys got rid of. You really did a great job of getting rid of.

  7. Where did you find a Steak and Shake in Williston???

    Sam scanned all our paper work before we left. That might help getting rid of the last paper.

    1. It was right down 121 not too far from the 75 onramp. It was a mile from the Good Will store.

  8. I'm impressed! I always feel like celebrating after a good organizing spell too. Good choice. :+)

  9. Good job slimming down and reorganizing.